Open call for researchers

We are Edgeryders, a small (more like tiny! this is our first contract) social enterprise incorporated in the UK. We need to hire an ethnographer for a cool gig. We offer a fee of 2500 US$, gross of taxes, for about 2-3 weeks of low-intensity work and 2 weeks of higher intensity work. As the chosen candidate, you might need to lead a small team, as we might need to contract other people to help (for content in languages other than English: specifically Arabic, Armenian, and Georgian.

You can think of this work as a rough-and-ready ethnography of hackers and social innovators in three countries. It consists in:

  • coordinating with the rest of the team on the framing of research question on which to engage respondents.
  • reading and coding the content of an online conversation about future builders in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. We will make the conversation happen. You should use WEFT or similar software. We will be more precise as to how to store the data.
  • we expect about 30-60 blog posts, and maybe 90-240 comments. You should code them all.
  • participating in writing the final report. In particular, you should write a short report on the community of social innovators as it emerges from the responses. all the while, engage with respondents. You will do this using the Edgeryders community platform, and be recognizable in it, with a a reasonably created profile. A customized STF group is being developed. Initial evidence on future builders is already flowing into a provisional space on the same platform. Please note the project has not launched yet!

This should start on the week beginning April 7th, and last about 5-6 weeks. The last two weeks will be more intense, whereas we expect that initially there will be very little to do – it will take some time to get the conversation going. A tentative timeline is here.

We are looking for an enterprising ethnographer, determined to make it happen, reporting to the research director and working closely with the team. This is a prototype, and we are not sure what to expect. On the up side, you’ll be working with a fun, creative, solid international team, and the client seems very collaborative. You might be asked to participate in a two-days conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. Should this happen, we will cover your travel costs on top of your fee.

To apply, please head over to the Spot The Future provisional space on Edgeryders platform and leave us a short post introducing yourself and telling us why you think you are the right person for the job. A link to a CV is appreciated.