Open Care Pinboard


since some weeks we started collecting some interesting stuff around the internet using this board.

Take a look :wink:

It’s not a structured or a formal way to collect links and suggestion but it’s very handy especially with mobile + feedreaders.

If you want to contribute just drop me a line with your pinterest account!

costantino [at] wemake [dot] cc

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Pick up material from the Edgeryders FB group

Hi Costa, great idea :slight_smile: Can you keep an eye on the Edgeryders FB group where we share a lot of the OpenCare related stuff that pops up in our feeds?

communication policy

dear all,

can we agree on some very basic stuff about communication policy for opencare?

for example we are going to publish a press release and we would need some images…Do you have any - of your own - that we can share and use?

Any thoughts about visual identity?

we are also creating a ppt - in italian - for local presentations. We will use partners logos but apart from that any other advise?

See the wiki

Put this up in response to your question above: