Open Care Tag Documentation


first pass; open coding, flat structure

second pass: consolidate tags that are the same, fork tags that describe different phenoms, organize into hierarchies (and kinds, e.g. “research questions” and “case studies” vs “open hardware” and “healthcare and labour”)

Ideas for prioritisation/triage (ideas and input would be great here):

  1. code most commented posts first

  2. post-level coding rather than line-by-line

  3. focus on non-admin posts

  4. one challenge and work way through, or distribute energy equally across challenges?

make titles of posts codable

change “meaningful life” to “meaning”

change “case study” to “examples and case studies”

merge “holistic healthcare” with “mind over/and body”

change “encouraging care” to “motivating care”

to code countries or not to code countries?

change “military” to “military/defense”

networks and systems?

change “triage” to “resource allocation”

change “cost reduction” to “costs”

track “sustainability” and “resiliance” overlaps and differences

change “cultural barriers” to “cultural factors”

compare “resource strain” to “infrastructural limitations”

fix inertia (one tag is intertia)

fork “food and care” into one just about food and food sustainability

track “location-based” and “housing”— move around if necessary

change “mapping healthcare systems” to “mapping (care) systems”

track “standards” and “interoperability”

do a word search for countries

incorporate the term “social infrastructure” into a tag as it is frequently used

change “hacking(bad)” to “data security”

merge or change “scitech innovation” with “making” or “design intervention”

“public engagement” = “community-driven”

change “getting outdoors” to “place-based” or “location-based”

change “care professionals” to “medical professionals”

“handson/DIY” and “making”

find all NHS examples

go back and apply “participatory design/collaboration”

change “relationship building” to building stuff + relationships

go back and apply the “why care?” tag

merge “empathy” with other tags

something about “context of care” merged with “safe space” tag

change “rationalising humans” to “rationalising care”

go back and apply “collective intelligence”

fork “case study” and “event”

go back and apply “shared condition”

go back and apply “context for care” (in place of “safe space”)

change 'self-diagnosis" to “participatory diagnosis” ?

change “resistance from medical establishment” to “resistance from (medical) establishment”

go back and apply “empowerment”

change “access” to “information access”

change “health and art” to “art and (health)care”

change “skill building” to “skill sharing”

change “monetisation” to “business modelling”

change “health tied to labour” to “healthcare access tied to labour”

is “migration” enough, or is forking of separate category for “refugees” needed?