Open&Change application status: almost there, some help needed

Hello all, I am mostly through with the draft O&C application. I am quite happy with it, though it does need another pass.

I have done sections B, C, D except one question, farmed out Marco and Gareth), E and F.

What’s missing:

  • Section A. This is the abstract. I'll do it myself for last.
  • Section G. This is the video. @Nadia and @Natalia_Skoczylas are working on it.
  • Section H. This is some stuff that explains why O&C is in line with MacArthur's policies. @Noemi , can I ask you to write this part? 
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Thanks, will do!

Section H done

… at least until further feedback or notices.

Evaluation question done

But not by Marco, according to the revision history. Was that you, @Noemi ?


not me…