Open data mining

Alberto, where is your proposal to open the data that edgerders mine from this site?

I’d like to know what do you think about “ethno annotations”, bud! :slight_smile:


Mulars, I think you are misusing mission reports. They are supposed to host experiential data gathered by people along their journeys. For example, “Spotlight: open government” is a place where you share your open government experiences (i.e. the stuff that you have actually done or are doing now, not the stuff that you wish would exist). Edgeryders is not for discussing Edgeryders (which is not that interesting anyway), but for discussing the transition of youth to an independent active life).

Neodynos, as per my advice, as opened a discussion on privacy in Egderyders here. I hope this stays the only discussion about Edgeryders. You are welcome to contribute, but I hope you will be interested in participating in the actual research effort too: this is where the heart of the project is, and this is where we are breaking new ground.