Open Ethnographer getting back into development phase. Do we get on the same page?

As part of OpenCare, we will use OE. We have also a few resources to improve it. @melancon is leading this part of the project.

We have two needs.

  1. Use OE immediately for ethno coding. We played around with it a bit, and noticed that the sidebar with ethno codes is not there ("yet", said Inga, but that was a year ago). Is it on the GitHub repo maybe? Coding without that is going to be much more difficult.
  2. Improve on it. We have the manual, of course, but it would be great for @danohu and @Matthias to spend an hour with Guy @melancon 's team.

So, I am asking for a call with the following people:


  • @danohu
  • @melancon and Jason from UBx
  • @Amelia
  • myself

If possible, also:

  • @Noemi
  • @Matthias