Open Ethnographer multimedia coding; and handling code descriptions

The Open Ethnographer multimedia coding feature is ready. As a user with access to Open Ethnographer, you can just click on “Coding View” below the title of this topic, and you’ll see it in action, applied to the image and video below.

For instructions to use it, see here in the Open Ethnographer manual.

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What is this? :slight_smile:

Imagine the music and it’s my next VJing performance :smile:

Also, it’s a demo how to put videos on the platform that are not hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Just make the file accessible by URL and place the URL in its own line. See the source of the demo post above.

(And when you click on “Coding View” at the top of the page you’ll find the new Open Ethnographer feature for adding annotations to videos. Made by @daniel.)

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Where did you upload that video?

Found it at, then extracted the video URL which is and posted that in Discourse.

So in principle, you can upload to Imgur.

Beautiful! Well done @daniel and @matthias!

Do we have a field to add comments to the annotation (as in @amelia’s codebook)?

Amelia’s codebook probably calls for a comment field for codes, no?

Anyway, right now neither annotations nor codes have a comment field, but both are simple to add.

Comment field would be great (that corresponds to the ‘description’ field in the annotations list).

So that when I highlight and add a code, I can add a comment/description at the same time that is then visible when I click on that code in the annotations list. Let me know if I’m not making sense :slight_smile:

Is this what you mean?

I’m having some trouble to understand this. The following version is the most probable understanding in my mind, let me know if it applies:

That would be a shortcut to create code descriptions, instead of having to go to the codes list, find the code, click it, and add the description there.

To make it consistent when highlighting text and choosing an existing code, the description field in the Annotator popover would have to be initialized with the existing description of that code, and the ethnographer would be able to edit it in place.

The problem I see with this approach is that it’s confusing: there would be one form but submitting it would edit two different types of things (annotations and codes) at the same time, and it would not be clear from the user interface which goes where. The uninitiated user would assume that the description is anchored to the selected text, just as the chosen code. While in reality, the description is anchored to the code.

A different proposal for making descriptions more accessible

So instead, how about hyperlinking the code bubble in existing annotations in the Annotator overlay to the corresponding record from the list of codes? Clicking it would bring the ethnographer to the place to add or edit the description. To illustrate, the thing under the mouse pointer here would have the hyperlink:


In addition, it will probably be useful to read the description of a code before applying it – in case of being unsure what it was about again. For that, we could show a small popover with the description when mousing over a proposal in the list of code suggestions. Means, the popover with the existing code description would appear in a case like this:



If that’s a suitable proposal, let me know and I’d put it on the list of development tasks for Open Ethnographer.

That would be excellent, and the popover would be incredibly useful as well. Thanks Matthias!

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Ok, deal :slight_smile: The proposed changes will now be implemented via these Github issues:

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