Open Food Network crowdfunding starts tomorrow

The Open Food Network crew start their crowdfunding campaign tomorrow 11am UK time.  They were recently in the UK visiting Stroudco (who have been developing food hub software for a while now for their food hub)  I introduced them, and Eric Bowen a year or so back having noticed they were all working on open source solutions.

An extra level of fate led an Australian friend who stays on the same farm as me and who has started up a local food hub (another friend coded the software that runs this hub) meeting with them while they were visiting Stroudco and getting offered some work coding for them.

I think my friend said something about them working/talking with a German project… sounded like it might be Epelia ?

Guess it could be worth people pulling together on this.  I think they are coding in ruby.


Thanks Darren! Very much agree that it’s time for synergies in the food initiatives space … it seems you have a hand for making them happen :wink: Epelia has not yet talked directly with Stroudco, but we are aware of their open source food hub software. We have however talked with an Irish food coop, connected by Eimhin. And now that the next-generation Epelia software is running, it seems a good time to get in touch with other initiatives (again).

Thanks for the crowdfunding link, I’ll share it around.

Greetings from Tbilisi! I’ll mention your Biochar stove today when talking about “open source everything” (EarthOS again) at our Spot the Future conference here :slight_smile: