Open Portal 4 Learning

Hello. I’m interested in promoting infrastructures for learning using all appropriate technologies accessible by independent learners. “Promoting” includes inventing and operating new structures as well as supporting old but functional institutions. Our current tools are Open Portal Network and Open Portal 4 Learning. Both websites are part of a network of networks for discussion and dissemination of ideas and resources about learning and education. We are also building a crowdsourced, open source database of people, organizations, and resources for this community of practice. Drop in, check out our progress, participate, contribute. Cheers, Liza


Hello @Lizaloop looks very interesting! Thanks. I’d like to contribute with my background of instructional Designer and CSCL expert.

Hi Federico,

Let’s exchange a few emails and/or have a Zoom chat to see the best places where our interests coincide. Did you look at the two Open Portal Network websites? I’m also working with Dr. Stefano Ferilli at University of Bari on an AI assisted platform for independent learners. You can check out for an introduction although we haven’t really built out that website yet.

I’m not a frequent visitor to Edgeryders so direct email may reach me faster -

Thanks for your interest,