Open Programming: Looking for experimental sessions and formats at OpenVillage Festival

The curators team is working on a preliminary agenda for the festival and will publish it these days… It draws on the work which has been done so far and contributions of many edgeryders <3
Heads up:
First day will involve framing and a game based experiment (collaboration with @matteo_uguzzoni).
Second Day will involve two parallel sessions running morning/afternoon, more content driven.
Third day will involve a gathering which will also see something of an announcement for OpenVillage and a roadmap ahead!

One norm we are all in agreement: the line between participant and presenter will be very blurred, and all who are leading sessions will be nudged into not feeling like presenters :slight_smile:

Another one is that the breakdown into themes is useful to prepare the festival, but not sure if it’s worth splitting the program into Tracks - so one could follow one track during the event. It’s impossible to separate the 3.
How do they come together? More natural reflection.

The social and evening activities remain to be organised in collaboration with Brussels based people, so they are not included in this early version. We expect more local mobilization in september and october, including around the venue - we are still looking for a part time festival producer, help spread the word??

We are collecting still experiences of alternative event formats; things that we can pick up. Both when it felt good and when it didn’t, during an event. Different settings where participants can engage - booths/ immersive experiences, prompts, visual corners.

@ Edgeryders community and newcomers: is there some (art)work about community care which you would like to exhibit?

/Edgeryders in Vake Park which had been taken over by activists in Tbilisi, Georgia. This was June 2014.

To Dos is now a growing list… Get in touch if there is anything you would like to contribute to get your ticket and be socialized into edgeryders chaordic ways of working <3

  • ALL: to review Frank’s latest draft of programme by Monday and update their own sessions. (note: Noemi will have less time on the program from now on)

  • Gehan: will look at who could host other kinds of activities in the style of STORY DAY

  • Frank: Write A Curators Note: A few paragraphs introducing the program, the 3 themes and the thinking behind (part explanatory, part aspirational)

  • Noemi: coordinate launch of new website for communicating all about the festival

  • Noemi to set up a session leader brief around throwing questions to the audience so that they’re clear on expectations to create/ generate discussions

  • Natalia (yes we have backup with organisation!)
    call for Logistics team: venue, technical set-up, room setup, sign posting, time keeping etc
    call for Food team - framework for participants self-organising around cooking etc. cooking team waste free pls ? plastic free pls? Talk to Food Waste collectives in Brussels i.e. food waste dinner, FoodWIN, Disco Soupe

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