Open rampette | la chiamata | help us choose the right sticker

Some weeks ago, after presenting the first run of prototypes to our community, we voted the ideas that have the potential of drastically improve the user experience of the temporary ramp.

One of the selected ideas is a sticker that marks the accessible shops in the neighbourhood. It’s the most low-tech solution we presented, but it tries to solve in a very straightforward way an important issue emerged during our research:

How do I understand if a shop is accessible or not?

The sticker proposed identifies the shops that are taking part in the open rampette project and in general all the accessible shops. Here some key aspects of the sticker:

  • The design of the sticker is straightforward, but the icon on it is different from the standard wheelchair sign. The icon comes actually from The Accessible Icon project, an ongoing work of design activism around the topic of accessibility.
  • For the shop the sign should be a sign of prestige for the shop exhibiting it (like the tourist guide stickers)
  • Moreover, the sticker highlight the problems around accessibility making the community more aware and therefore more engaged in addressing the issues around accessibility of the public spaces.

Help us pick the right one.

We created multiple graphics variation of the sticker and we would like to understand from you which one do you like the most?

You can vote your favourite one here


Option 1 for me. But they are all nice.

Thanks! :slight_smile: