Open Society Fellowship: New and radical forms of ownership, governance, entrepreneurship, and financialization are needed to fight pervasive economic inequality.

They might get some interesting proposal @alberto. They might select interesting people / topics in economics.

I am sharing here maybe someone will be interested to apply. @matthias check this out.


Great find @amiridina

Uuu thank you for posting!!

I love the fellowship model. It makes connecting and disconnecting easy. That increases diversity, and outreach at the same time. It’s the hyperlink in the small world models. I think there is something intrinsically powerful in placemanking for nomads, intellectual or geographical.


Freedom? :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking I might apply for the Fellowship so I can do the action-research culminating in a Microsolidarity book.

I have no experience with grant funding though, so I guess there is some expertise I’m missing. Who can point me to some resources on “how to win grants”?


Paolla Villareal knows a lot about it as she’s been research fellow for multiple orgs and has a pretty good system for doing it - at our festival last year she explained that her strategy has been to propose to the funders the development of tech frameworks which connect the organisation with its community related goals (she’s not on I believe, but @paw on twitter)

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