Open source coffee sorter project

Hi matthias

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it is not an open-source project but you can share my mechanical idea. I made a youtube movie of my sorter. Please check!

The software works good but the picking unit does not work 100%. It has some vibration problems on the conveyer so far.

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This is such a lovely machine! It’s great! :green_heart:

Your beans flipping wheel is really creative, actually. I had thought about this a lot as well, and so far the best idea I had was a chute made from glass and imaging the beans while they slide down there. It seems that the crumpling of the conveyor that is introduced by the beans flipping wheel causes some mechanical issues with the ejection mechanism later … but of course that’s just a small issue, as any new machine will have in the first iteration.


I used your dataset and fastai library for transfer learning to create a more accurate model. Feel free to use the code or conribute in any way

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Hello @cj23, that’s great news! And thanks so much for registering here and telling us about your success :slight_smile: I’d be interested to know your final accuracy when training the model! A few percentage points lower than optimum is no big deal … the problem I had was that most of my models did not even converge, and if they did, they would mostly not go higher than 82% accuracy.

Edit: Just found it in the Python notebook file: 99.977%. Whoa! :dizzy_face: :blush:

Also @natalia_skoczylas: look what happened with your made-in-Morocco coffee bean images!


Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Would this be able to put the project in production? Are there any other challenges you face?

Yes, that was the enabling action to bring this project back to life!

No big challenge left now, as far as I can see. Just some rather simple robotics control stuff with a RPi, camera, stepper motors and 3D printed parts. I have all the electronics around already, my only challenge is now to find the time to get it all done. But since I promised above to restart the work if somebody can figure out the image classifier, I’ll get it done eventually :slight_smile:


Amazing! Glad to know :slight_smile:

No way!! this is an incredible result, I am so happy I had a chance to help with this! Well done @cj23 and Matt, of course <3


Hello, I’m Kamil and I also built a bean sorting machine.
But I stopped at the classification of my bean seeds, I don’t know if it’s the fault of the photos or mine.

Are the pictures of my beans well taken?
But I also designed 3D and built a sorting machine with a 3D printer similar to Toshota, but I have a better bean feed.

For me, the beans follow the beans at intervals.

I would like to cooperate, I can design a modular bean machine (easy replacement of broken elements and quick assembly).
Currently, my machine is lying undressed in a corner.
But I can create, show a video of the action.
Put it in a package and send it to Matthias so you can only do the program because I am weak in it.

Of course, the machine will be ready for operation with a power supply, a control unit and a stepper motor for an even grain feed.

If the project is alive and you are interested in it, I am able to create and send you work videos.
Of course, at the program keep an eye on my beans :wink:

I’m from Poland, I’m an electronics technician, I’m a farmer.
I’m waiting for an answer.)

How much is this mini color sorter and can it be used to sort rice? what’s the price in USD?, can you also share the specifications?

Hey. Did you 3D print your machine? I would love to see photos or video of how it’s made, and maybe you’d like to share any stl files you used?
I’m so excited this project is moving forward again!

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Hi, I just started folding the machine, I’m tossing the first pictures in the link.
High quality

The whole is based on an aluminum profile 10mm x 20mm, a few screws, a conveyor belt printed from TPU, and elements printed from PET-G, roller bearings.
I can make STL files available, but they are not yet perfected,
When I add the upper tape and finish the whole thing, I’ll share the film.
I’ve designed everything myself, and I can rewrite everything as required.

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Looking good! Can’t wait to see how it develops!

Hello, we are starting a webinar series on open source. The first one is this evening. would be great if some of you would join and share your experiences: