Open Source Solar Tracker: First prototype I will bring to Matera


Here is the photo of the tracker I should bring to Matera.

Of course this is only a prototype that won’t be used in a production environment. Indeed I have two main constraints :

  1. I can’t bring a heavy and large system to Matera

  2. A professional 2 axis system is quite expensive

Nevermind the goal of the project is to build a tracking system that relies on the moving part as few as possible. So the most important thing is to have a 2 axis moving system…

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Very. Cool.

I am sure you can find a panel in Matera itself – that the bulkiest part. I am really looking forward to your project, Marc!

Solar panel

Thanks Alberto, in any case I will have to go to matera with my car because I have quite a lot of material with me (e.g. the mechanism to move the solar panel). So I also will bring a small solar panel (which is only used for demonstration purpose).