#open village - bitcut - House Sidi Kaouki

In this topic we will give a feed back on the project process: please wait for it =)


1. Context
2. Problem scanning
3. Choosing the product
4. Design sketches
5. Prototyping
6. How You can help

1. Context

Bitcut team is trying to develop solutions for many missing components in the context of sidi kaouki …via tracing the issues we found many missing furniture related to street furniture we tmade alot of discutions to define the variables of the open source furniture … Noha mazin did small presentation to explain it to us

2. Problem scanning

3. Choosing the product

through visiting one of the local leaders in the area ( Mohamed Maddy ) he mentioned that he wants to stress on the local community but there is many obstacles with having permit to do public space project :slight_smile:he mentioned that the school we visited needs a lot of indoor furniture and we can participate with design and produce one of these furniture with his coopration

4. Design sketches

@islem : can you please put your inspiration photos right here

@Sofien-Dahem as well

Tantawy : Proposal was based on using Amazigh patterns in the design theme

5. Prototyping

We found a CNC machine in Essaouira in the industrial area:


Data format. They want the data only in Grasshopper format. Grasshopper is an extension coming together with Rhinoceros, a commercial 3D software. (The current Windows version sells for ~1000 EUR before discounts, so “out of question”.)

number of the CNC machine phone (ismael ) : 0602-103749

@mathias_manske this is what i have for the cnc. =)

6. How You can help

@gregoiremarty @hazem @matthias @LauraAuguste @johncoate

We are on the phase 2 which we will end the design sketches and model on we need help in selecting one of the designs we come out with so you can help with selection + developing the concept we will end sketches tom so we can decide which type we will start with …

6. updates

hi again … =)
in the last month we where waiting for a Moroccan Government permission to start work on implementing the design in one of the schools in Seidi kauiki … but unfrotentlly we couldn’t have the permission until now =( this will relate with hazem topic about bureaucracy in morocco =) …
in this time I went back to cairo to reach family event there and in this time I went to FAB LAB cairo many times to have a physical prototype development : I introduced the idea of Edgeryders for them and it was very nice and immersive to see their work as well .

finally I came with this mini prototype :

now im back to Morocco on a hope to implement the design on the school with the NGO but it seems that there is no positive incites …
in this days im looking for examples of online platform to learn more about websites typologies with the same idea .
i found :slight_smile:



special thanks for @Matthias for being supportive , helpful , understanding , funny =) and committed
without him all of this couldn’t be happen …

waiting for your vision … visionaries @nadia @hazem @alberto @zmorda


Awesome progress.


I have a draft, a very raw sketch of something I think could fit such a project. Something related to growing food in a flat.
when would it be the best time for me to send it to your team?
or do you rather like to wait, and clear the path for what you’re currently working and developping now?

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thank U very much @gregoiremarty for your awosome comment actually we are foucsing right now on furnture units for multi porpose … we had an experiment inside one of the near by school to do shelfs for them …
we may want to check your system for sure for inspiration maybe we get any ideas from it,

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hey @m_tantawy @Sofien-Dahem @islem

Since you guys were discussing modular designs as a design choice, openstructures is one of the nice examples trying to push the idea of modular design forward in an opensource way where “everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid” is idea.

Was wondering if it is possible to use their grid in making practical furniture or introducing other grids as well. check their manual it could be an inspiration for the Bitcut project.

Also for now you need to share the design files, since there is no platform you can use something like Github till you have your own platform or join openstructures for example.

For now to produce the product in Sidi Kaouki, you need to produce it in the requested format (free libre open source software for computer aided design is still not popular) but then we need to export it in a format that could be opened by FLOSS (check this list or this one).


thank u hazem for you contribution i hope your papers is going well,
i just sent to Sofian to ask about Mohamed Mady agreement to work in the school so we can finish with the prototypes here in cairo because it is much cheaper right here then apply the full model in the school directly

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