OpenCare and digital ethnography: documentation and picking up the thread

Thanks to everyone that came to the session held by @amelia, @jason_vallet and myself! It was deep, yet a lot of fun.

As it was really not a discussion, but rather a hands-on session, no notes were taken. Documentation consists of:

  • The slides on how we used digital ethnography in OpenCare.
  • The slides on the preliminary results from our study.

We plan to add soon two more things:

  • Some reflections on how participants coded @alex_levene’s post about about the Jungle – care of Amelia.
  • The results of our survey – these are not really in yet, because several participants have not yet completed it. We were ambushed by a very slow wi-fi right when we were supposed to do that. Can I ask everyone to take 5 minutes and complete it? @asimong, @unknown_author, @gehan, @nadia, whoever was at the session? It would be a big help.

Hi Alberto. I did write up some notes during the second half of the session when @amelia was presenting the findings of the programme so far. Pretty sure they are in the shared document on gdrive. Admittedly they are a distilling if the information on the slides, but I did manage to capture some of the conversation as well.