OpenCare Comms strategy and activity plan

This wiki is where we all post ideas for shaping, coordinating, executing and improving the OpenCare outreach efforts. Please feel free to propose questions or proposals -  I take responsibility for responding to comments and editing the wiki to include them. 

The preparations 

  1. Post weekly work-out-loud posts from the start. It is crucial to the success of OpenCare that we lower the threshold for participation from the get go. An important enabler of this is to build a habit of collaboratively crafting plans and discussing challenges in the form of blogposts here on the project workspace. This will also make it easier to onboard people later on in the process.

  2. Set the foundations for data-driven decision making. The first step towards building and running effective social media outreach efforts is upgrading our skills in using analytics technology, becoming more data fluent and setting a shared workflow that makes appropriate use of social media marketing tools. like buffers, ifttt etc.

3. Build a shared content strategy early in the game. We need an attractive social contract and process underpinning the creation and circulation of engaging, strategic, honest stories and information that are valued by our most important audiences.

Activity Plan

Coming soon…

Unstructured Ideas

Create the local competition and enlist schools, engage a filmmaker/creative storyteller & content marketer, build support around it from corporates and foundations …and launch.