OpenCare consortium meeting calendar – please validate

It would be a waste of valuable time to discuss, once in Brussels, when consortium meetings are going to be. This is the typical task that can be done online. This wiki is meant to do it.

The tradition for EC funded research goes like this:

  • One meeting every three to four calendar months.
  • Partners take turns into hosting. 
  • Partners travel on their own budget. The home partner provides a venue and coordination (hotel info etc.)

So, for OpenCare, a reasonable calendar is below. Each meeting will be an OpenMeeting, paired with onboarding workshops, hackathons etc. Please react by edits or comments.

  • February 2016: Brussels, hosted by Edgeryders. Coincides with the launch event at Living On The Edge 5.
  • May 18th 2016: Berlin, CAPS2020 community meeting. Not a consortium meeting, but some of us should go.
  • last week of June/ first week of July 2016: Stockholm, hosted by SSE. Coincides with nice weather in Sweden smiley
  • November 2016: Milan, hosted by WeMake.
  • February 2017: Geneva or Maastricht, hosted by ScImpulse 
  • June 2017: Bordeaux, hosted by UBx.
  • September 2017: Milan, hosted by the City of Milan. Coincides with the final event.

June works for SSE

I will check dates and make a suggestion.


Good idea, @Lakomaa, we can also start to pen exact dates. Of course they are not written in stone, and we can change them around, but in communication terms it would be great to announce the “pulse” of the whole project at the kickoff event.

Late June or (preferably) early July

Meeting no 2 in Stockholm. I plan to be abroad until mid-June, would appreciate to (re)organize locally before refurbishing my backpack.

The weather argument seems reasonable for the June 2016/Stockholm meeting, while I am ready to shuffle things for the following dates. Bordeaux can be quite rainy in Feb (Bordeaux Weather February, France - Holiday Weather). I’d be happy to host you when Bordeaux has more to offer … :slight_smile:

Switching around Bx with AMS

Reasonable, @melancon. Editing now.

+1 to Stockholm end of June

Like @melancon, I would prefer end of June - early July.

Sounds like we got ourselves two busy years. I also think onboarding workshops coupled with meetings are a must, makes it much more fun.

You got me wrong

@alberto I saw you edited the planned schedule and underlined “End of June / Early July” for the June 2017 meeting. I was talking about the June 2016 meeting, the one to be held this year in Stockholm (that’s what Noemi also understood, but it’s true I was not clear).

Sorry for the confusion.

Updated the wiki

Indeed @melancon. No worries, the beauty of wikis is that anyone, not just the author can go ahead and make changes. You can’t mess up because you can always revert to older versions (see Revisions). Bon courage for the next time, this is largely how we are going to learn to work together :slight_smile:

Feb 2017

…works for us. The venue will have to be decided a bit later. I would very much like Geneva to be it, but our base in The Netherlands (Maastricht, not Amsterdam) may offer advantages on the soft side of the meeting.

Fair enough

No stress, @markomanka. Making that decision in the summer of 2016 will be more than adequate.

CERN Ideasquare?

If possible I would vote for Geneve rather than Maastricht. For several reasons including the fact that we have a lot of fun people to involve at CERN and several Switzerland based orgs :))

Milano - WeMake

Hi all,

for the meeting in Milan we’d prefer to organize it during the first week of November (nov 2 - 3 or nov 3 - 4)

During October (15 - 16) we’ll have another important event in Rome (MakerFaire) and many of us will be there for some days. We usally spend much energy there so we suggest the beginning of November.

This consideration should be done also for the final event in October 2017 because a lot of makers of the Italian scene will be probably in Rome.

@Alberto @Rossana_Torri @Luciascopelliti

Good point

In fact, we could move the consortium meeting to Rome to be back-to-back with MakerFaire. We could even have an OpenCare presence at MakerFaire. Worth considering!

Nov 3-4 is thursday & Friday

I always prefer those days as it fits in nicely for those who wish to stay on, weekend workshops etc.

Move the consortium in Rome (oct 2017) ?

Having discussed with Lucia, I try to summarize pros and cons, in our opinion:

pros: good integration with MakerFaire

cons: less impact of the final conference (in terms of participation of local stakeholders and participants involved in co-design processes); some logistic difficulties (the City of Milan would not be able to count on own facilities and services to organize the Conference…)

Let us know what do you think about…



te be more specific


about the Consortium Meeting October 2016

  • we suggest to postpone it in early november (in Milano) - to be focused on the project and stress the city impact and involvement
  • we think that Opencare has to be present during the MakerFaireRome 2016 with booth, talk, workshop
  • the two things in my opinion are 2 and different

about the Final Conference Fall 2017

  • avoid the timing overlap with MakerFaireRome 2017
  • we suggest to be present in MakerFaireRome 2017 as Opencare Consortium
  • the "natural" location for the final conf is Milano
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Mostly agree

I think @Costantino is right. Especially, I am convinced that the final event should be in Milan.

Stockholm: Possible to do June 23-24?

July is a bad idea as it’s when holiday season kicks in in Sweden.

I would suggest Thursday and Friday, June 23-24 as a thursday and Friday. Which leaves the weekend to be in Stockholm. Warmly recommended from a Stockholm native. What do you think @Lakomaa?

June 24 is midsummer

Sweden will be closed down entirely. The latest possible date is earlier that week, but we would of course prefer the week before that (the week beginning w June 13)

Meeting in Stockholm

I would suggest June 16-17 (those interested can stay for the weekend and enjoy the Swedish summer).

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