OpenCare goes joins forces with Domus Academy

Last Monday marked the launch of OpenCare workshop, with the students of interaction design, at Domus Academy.

The Wemake team together with 16 interaction design students of Domus Academy, will be developing ideas and products for OpenCare repository of products.  The workshop is intended to last for 4 weeks, after which students will be displaying their projects as part of WeMake booth at the makerfaire in Rome.

The workshop started with an intro session around OpenCare, different partners involved, and a brief presentation of projects that display the concept of care, and how opensource technologies paved the way towards options of free and open solutions that solved daily problems creatively. The students are working in groups of 4, during the initial exercise, students were asked to tackle themes of care that touch aspects of care for the person, and their surrounding circle, and the broader issues that they are interested in tackle. Allergies, autism, stress, and different health and well-being related issues were among the topics that students listed as topic to tackle through OpenCare solutions that they will implement during the workshop.

This is an interesting opportunity to see how students will combine their freshly learned tech skills with the concepts of care that they target.  We are currently in our second week of the workshop, and it is intended to leverage the student’s tech skills, and better form stories around products that they intend to develop.    Stay tuned to more updates by the end of the week.


Domus <=> UDK?

This is great news, and an excellent opportunity for everyone. The students of @Susa at UDK in Berlin have done good work in the opencare context. If you can persuade the Domus students to stay close to the online community, as the UDK ones did, we could try to arrange some long-distance collaboration and dialogue between the students of the two design universities!

Well done!

Curious to see what comes out - for a quick reference this is one of my favourite products from Berlin - making furniture with refugees.

It already started

Actually they already started adding their proposals as challenges,  @wave, @rem_it are the first two groups to add, and others will follow. :slight_smile:


It would be nice that, in addition to unite different groups of students, there was an opportunity to involve the various end users since these stages of thought to get to the next stages of prototyping.

After all this is to make the dictates of the Project OpenCare! :slight_smile:

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