OpenCare methodology to be used in a World Bank project in the MENA region

Edgeryders has convinced the World Bank to try out OpenCare’s digital ethnography approach. They are to apply it to a different issue: social innovation in the Middle East and Northern Africa region.

This could be a nice result in terms of impact in the final review.

A conversation has been summoned, and ethnographic coding is in progress. I am asking @melancon and @jason_vallet to set up a separate instance of Graphryder, to do exactly the same thing but with a different subset of contributions and annotations.

I have set up a wiki page on our GitHub to document how to match contributions and annotations to a project, such as OpenCare itself or, now, the World bank one.


This is a good indeed, for the project, for EdgeRyders and for the “future” GraphRyder! Let’s talk about it in Milan.