OpenCare Minutes - Kick-off in Brussels

Hi everyone,

Here are my notes from the past days in Brussels during the kick-off meeting.

Feel free to share your impressions / need for adjustements / further use it.

Once reviewed by everyone, a final version will be stored in the OpenCare Admin, as for the other resources.


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Nothing to add?


Did you all get to read the kick-off minutes? Any remark/suggestion?

Reading now

Hi Luce,

thanks for this. Had managed to miss it!

This is not obvious for new users of the platform but I find it is better copy paste into posts or wikis, rather than upload attachments. That way we can share a link and everyone can see the content directly without having to download first then open, then go back to comment.

Love it!

Great work! Let’s go live for the finishing touches. I suggest copy-pasting it into a wiki ( Then we can each add small changes as needed, links to slides etc. Does that work?

Kick-off minutes: job done

@Alberto @markomanka @Costantino @Rossana_Torri @Lakomaa @LuceChiodelliUB

Hi everyone, people mentioned in this post act as contact person for the OpenCare partners. I just meant to wave my hands at you so we can get done with the kick-off minutes. Unless anyone claims for more time, I suggest we publish the official minutes form Luce’s latest version.

I don’t mean to bug you with this admin stuff. I am just complying with the EC rules – that we happen to have borrowed in our Consortium Agreement.


Mentions not working properly

Mentions from my last comment seem not to have worked. Copying them again here.




kick-off minutes

Sorry Guy, Sorry Luce

here I am, I read the minutes. Very good work, thank you!

I would add some details about Citz engagement in Milan, but nothing decisive (more contents are inside the slides)

Don’t know if we want to share a wiki, or whath else…

Anyway, If there were not enaugh time, I would agree to publish the Luce’s latest draft.