Opencare newsletter - Jan 2017

Dear all,

This wiki intends to sum up our upcoming activity for the beginning of 2017. So far, here is what we have (feel free to add any other information !):

opencare to prepare a paper in response to the call “Political Forms and Movements in the Digital Era” issued by the journal RESETSocial Science Research on the Internet.

Areas of research for the call are: The equipment of democracy in the era of “open”, “hack” and “tech”Mobilizations in the era of “doing together” and the commons and The making of opinion and its ecology.

Following the second edition of the Masters of Network, in the context of the opencare consortium meeting in November 2016 in Milan, opencare’s wonderful team of network wizards / ethnographers / community managers / designers @Noemi , @Amelia , @melancon, @Federico_Monaco and @Ezio_Manzini prepare a paper on collaborative intelligence as infrastructures of care. 

The call for papers closes by the end of February (publication in June).

InPe prototype test successful and a video !

The InPe prototype designed by citizens of Milan in collaboration with WeMake (@costantino, @zoescope, @moushira, @Alessandro_Contini) and the City of Milan (@Rossana_Torri) has passed the test successfully !

Read Moushira’s post for more details:

and visit the to read the prototype’s documentation.

We hope to present the prototype to the public by the CAPS DSI Fair in Rome, on February 1st, 2017.

The University of Bordeaux to further develop its software stack to monitor and help foster collective intelligence dynamics

The LaBRI network visualization team of @melancon, @bpinaud and @Jason_Vallet is working on new features of the dashboard (see Jason_Vallet’s last post:

Feel free to play with the tool online, here:

We hope to present these new features for a live demo of opencare’s network visualization by the DSI Fair too :slight_smile:

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Thanks @LuceChiodelliUB.

Luce do you know if there is a schedule for the DSI Fair yet?

I would like to propose that in Rome we organise an informal opencare gathering to meet communities in town and make new friends. Unless DSI Fair has a public facing informal gathering scheduled. The good thing is that we only need to book at a restaurant/ bar for one of the evenings of 1 or 2. Worst comes to worst, it will just be us having dinner. Anyhow, it will be a publicly announced event here on the platform.

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DSI Fair agenda

Hi @Noemi,

Here is the link the DSI Fair Agenda:

1st day ending at 18:30, 2nd day ending at 16:45 (if we don’t wish to attend side-events held by fellow EU projects).

We could indeed organize something, who would you have in mind by “communities”?

Do like the Romans do…

Dear all,

i don’t know if the 3rd of february might be scheduled for further informal meetings and for some of you. I would like to meet for the paper (i hope that by the beginning of february we have already a list of authors interested and references, a title and a draft abstract representing the different perspectives alive in OP3NCARE in terms of mobilization).

I’m from Rome and i could provide some contacts about cooperative and social organizations of the city of Rome, if you think it might be useful and ask to meet them in the morning in the area of Ostiense-Piramide.

For lunch and by a 30’ trip (1,50 euro) by train is possible to reach the seaside of Ostia where we could have lunch together in a affordable restaurant (10-15 euros per person) and spend some time together for informal meetings, even on the beach, if the weather is sunny and not too windy until the sunset.

Just a crazy proposal… :slight_smile:

If you like i can provide further information and get in touch with those contacts

Thank you Federico

Hi @Federico_Monaco,

Thank you for proposing your help and being available to welcome us on that date ! So far, the Bordeaux team had planned to leave on Feb., 3rd, but if needed we could also exploit some of our spare time on the 1st and 2nd, as Noemi also suggested.

Of course (if we have time) it would be great to get in touch with fellow Romans, in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Wow @Federico_Monaco I would totally be up for this…!

@LuceChiodelliUB I wanted to meet new people doing care projects or involved in the scene, people who may not be at the Fair.

Do you wish to allocate most of the free time on 1st and 2nd to consortium stuff and review meeting rehearsal etc? Then we can do as @Federico_Monaco suggests and take the 3rd for freestyle activities, which will be anyway optional for people in the consortium. I would love to get to the beach too.

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Rome and paper discussion

I am planning to participate to the DSI event and I will be very happy to participate to possible Opencare meetings and discussions on the paper we are preparing. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to do it. I will arrive in the afternoon/evening of the 31th Jeanury, and, if necessary, I can leave in the afternoon of the 3rd February. In these days my agenda is still quite  flexible.

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Probably 3rd in the morning

I will set up an event for minimum attendance by me, you, and Federico, in a place any of you recommends.

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