"OpenCare" or "opencare"?

As we write all the reporting, I wanted to check what form people are using for the name of our project. The logo says “opencare” in small letters, but I have mostly used the camelback form OpenCare, and technically it is an acronym, so it should maybe OPENCARE. Any strong opinion? @lucechiodelliub

well, this view is only my own and has to be validated by the rest of the team:

  • we had searched for OpenCare as trademarks, brands etc. and this name, in this format was already used many times
  • the EC keeps using OpenCare, as some of us still do
  • OPENCARE is the acronym, but at the same time visually aggressive (again, this is only my opinion)
  • opencare is the logo format and the form mostly used in deliverables and formal communications

I would advise us to stick to the opencare form, to be coherent with the logo and the project communication. But I am not entitled to decide about it.

Asking the rest of the team : @melancon / @costantino / @markomanka / @rossana_torri and @matteo

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I have no strong feelings about this. However, I appreciate the argument of coherence as sensible.

  • opencare, as suggested by Luce

Check. Thanks!


When inside a written text:
one word, lowercase, bold (if possible)
opencare like this.

see the StyleGuide