OpenCare proposal

This page contains a file upload of the OpenCare proposal. We have agreed to publish it under an open content license.

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Thanks for posting this, Alberto. It makes OpenCare a lot more comprehensible to those of us who weren’t involved in the bid process. And I can see why you are proud of it!


An annotated version of this would probably be good as supplemental onboarding material. I think pages 10-11 and 14 are a useful first bit for most people…

Commons Care, MakerNurse and Care Data Coops

You might be interested to take a look at a recently published book in which some of our libraries work is mentioned: Taking Power Back - it explores the scope to ‘common’ local government in England (which is part-responsible for ‘care services’ here). You might also be interested to take a look at the MakerHealth and MakerNurse project in the United States. Otherwise, a couple of thoughts from me:

  1. I am currently tasked w/ exploring the maker angle re care on behalf a number of local authorities in England, so I’d really welcome being kept up to date about anything that emerges around that strand of the project; and

  2. I wonder whether some other work I’m exploring around an #IoT4communities, wearable loans and Library Data Coops might also ‘fit’ w/ this project in some way - I’ll keep you posted as and when I conjure anything of interest, but all thoughts/suggestions in the interim would be appreciated.

Dear Alberto,
As a researcher and Professor in Environmental Sciences (Environment & Development), I appreciate your kind cooperation and affection by publishing OpenCare proposal. As OpenCare focus and encourage to diverse community on health care, social care, service design, digital fabrication, collective intelligence and public policy evaluation with proximate solution in this plate farm. This effort will definitely, get practical knowledge of collective intelligence in the design of care services.