OPENCARE social entrepreneurship seminar

The City of Milan is organizing a seminar on thursday 23th of February from 2pm to 5 pm at WeMake / Milan, in order to present Open Care to a network of civil servants from European cities. The event is part of a three days Eurocities’ Study Visits focused on Social Entrepreuneurship.

[The Study Visit detailed programme will be available asap].

Milan has founded Eurocities in 1986 together with Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon and Rotterdam. The network today brings together 130 of Europe’s largest cities and 40 partner cities, that between them serve 130 million citizens across 35 countries. Eurocities consists of a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas through six thematic forums, a wide range of working groups, projects, activities and events.

Milan is taking part in the working group Social Affairs > Smart Social Inclusion, working out solutions to a better spending and for better social outcomes.

Participants in this working group discuss subjects such:

  • How to respond to reduced public spending and higher demand for social services, investing in a smarter and innovative way?

  • What is the role of cities in promoting social entrepreneurship and social economy?

Participants will be invited from Municipalities of Acharnes, Amsterdam,  Antwerp,  Athens, Barcelona, Belfast,  Besiktas,  Beylikdüzü,  Birmingham,  Bonn,  Brno,  Bydgoszcz, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Dresden, Essen, Brussels, Gdansk,  Geneva,  Genoa,  Ghent,  Gothenburg,  Helsinki,  Katowice,  Leeds,  Lisbon,  Ljubljana,  Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Nantes, Netwerkstad, Twente, Newcastle-Gateshead, Nice Cote d’Azur, Nicosia, Osmangazi, Ostend, Porto, Rennes Metropole, Riga,  Rome,  Rotterdam,  Sheffield,  Stockholm,  Stuttgart,  Tallinn, Turin, Turkish Cypriot community of Nicosia, Uppsala, Utrecht, Vantaa, Warsaw, Zagreb, Zurich.

If you are interested in taking part at the seminar feel free to send an email to

Date: 2017-02-22 13:00:00 - 2017-02-24 00:45:00, Europe/Paris Time.

Civil servants only?

Hi @Matteo, nice to meet you and welcome to opencare.

Let us know how we can support this and do share if anything comes out of this seminar that speaks about communities’ role and contributing to better services. I hope there will be a chance for opencare to provide some serious reality checks, and from my experience that tends to happen when you have more than one perspective - policy, citizen, interest groups etc…

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Sharing experiences

Hi Noemi, I do agree with you. Even if Eurocities is a “network of cities”, represented barely at administration level, in our study visits we intend to share the spirit of Open Care, that is - to include various perspectives. We’ll keep you posted on the evolution of the agenda and of course, anythings comes out of this meeting.


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Opportunity for gathering stories!

@Rossana_Torri this is a golden opportunity to collect stories of open care for the policy challenge. It will require some kind of structure, though, like proper note-taking, editing notes into first-person stories, then having the civil servants upload them. This is what I did with Mercato Lorenteggio, and it worked.

Good idea!

We’ll do everything possible to make this happen.

Quick report

The first day of Eurocities’ Study Visit has nearly finished. City of Milan and WeMake have provided the audience with an insight of OpenCare. Our 18 guests from 13 European Cities were very interested and reacted with their own examples and some questions.

The representative of City of Porto for example, mentioned their project called “Bridge to the Future”. They brought together elderly people, students, companies to discuss, understand and think solutions for elderly people problems. The best outcome would eventually be tested in a Shark-Tank like arena of investors, to pitch their core ideas. People asked if OpenCare has provided a budget also for prototyping. The EdgeRyders platforms rose interest in participants. Guests from France and Holland questioned if the platform was inclusive enough, given than it takes a degree of internet literacy to use it. Polish guests asked if, using English as a common language wasn’t limiting. @Rossana_Torri and @Costantino provided answers and stimulated the discussions. The morning ended with a recap session where participants have been asked to provide a SWOT analysis of OpenCare. Results will be presented tomorrow in the morning session.

Thanks for quick updates…

Guys, sounds great and I bet a case study like Porto’s Bridge to the Future has some interesting details to it, for the learnings in OpenCare.

Do you have any idea of how outputs and outcomes from this event can feed into our online discussions and advancing the Policies of Care challenge? Let me know if I can help.