OpenCare Year 2: a publication plan

Hello all, @Ezio_Manzini came up with the idea of an OpenCare publication plan for Year 2. The idea is that each of us would use it as a rough map to keep track of where to focus her efforts to systematise the knowledge produced during the project. Of course, different people would be working towards different items in the plan, but it all comes together.

All the products of the publication plan should go in the Playbook. This is consistent with reviewers recommendation: push out our results more, connect more the efforts made by the different partners.

I propose:

  1. One paper on the OpenCare method (OpenEthnographer + GraphRyder). Working title: "Detecting collective intelligence in a large-scale online conversation with ethnography and network science". Authors: @melancon , @Amelia , myself. Submit to INSCI conference under theme "2. Digital Social Innovation Platforms" (new deadline: May 26th) as a short paper (6-9 pages). Do not worry if it gets rejected, it still gives a deadline. I have a pretty good idea of how to structure it :-) 
  2. One paper on observing collaborative care in action with online/onsite ethnography. This is the famous paper we have been talking about in Geneva. Authors: @Federico_Monaco , @Ezio_Manzini , @Amelia , @Noemi . More on this at the end of the post.
  3. One paper reinventing ethnography as a collaborative, data-driven discipline. This was known in the group as "the speculative methodological paper". Authors: @Amelia and myself. Already under way. 
  4. Additionally, I would ask @Noemi to polish her deliverable about engagement and make it a part of the Playbook. 

What do you guys think? Any other ideas?

The most ambitious of these papers is 2. Work is being done already, We have several sources of evidence:

  • The Open Insulin Belgium group on Edgeryders, where we can see collaboration on that project developing.
  • The OpenVillage group on Edgeryders, where we can see collaboration on OpenVillage developing.
  • Federico's participant observation of OpenRampette feat. WeMake and the City of Milan. 

The question is how to proceed towards a result. We will proceed as follows:

  1. Please everyone fill this Doodle:
  2. Please Federico and Ezio, make an effort to make a sort of outline: a table of contents with a few sentences in each section. We will then use the meeting to divide the work.
  3. Ezio will be in touch individually to see where you are with the tasks that were handed out in Geneva. 

For 1 and 2, I will contact Amelia and Guy individually.

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