OpenVillage Fellowship Program Round 2 (deadline 2017-11-04)

Wherever we look, we see individuals and groups trying daring new strategies to thrive in a changing world.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are, or know, some of these people - they might even be your friends, neighbours or partners. From experience we know how difficult it can be to secure support for moving these initiatives forward. So we are building a system of mutual support through a fellowship program.

As an OpenVillage fellow you work with an international network to develop your own project and make it more sustainable through open knowledge and technologies. You collaborate with your peers on inspiring open source projects around the world. And get support to speed up development of your own initiative and skills.

You can collaborate with Winnie in using open science to make insulin cheaper and more accessible. You can learn from the creative solutions Matthias has to come up with to get coffee beans from Nepali farmers to the European market in a way that ensures they get most of the profit. And much more!

Who can participate?

Anyone with a story of trying to solve a challenge for their community related to one or more aspects of well-being in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco or Tunisia. It can be about your project or experience, or about one you know well. To get inspired, read some of the stories already submitted.
Why do this?

You should get involved in this initiative if you want to:

  • Grow your international network to access new knowledge and opportunities.
  • Develop and improve meaningful projects with support from peers and mentors.
  • Experiment with new ways of collaboratively generating livelihoods.

What is expected of selected OpenVillage Fellows?

  • Participate in short online chats to discuss the projects.
  • Dedicate 1-3 months to be in Morocco to participate in the project residency program designed to speed up development of participants projects and skills.
  • Help spread the word about the The OpenVillage project and especially about The Reef MENA- Our OpenVillage House in Morocco.

Fellowship Eligibility

To qualify for a fellowship is very easy

  1. Create an account on
  2. Introduce yourself and your work to the community in a story here. Tell us about your experiences in affecting positive change for yourself and for your community. You do this by writing a story in your own language on our platform. If you need help with this, write to
  3. Respond to comments on your story from others - they will help us to better understand how to support your work.
  4. Join the Count On Me list
  5. Make an appointment to participate in an online chat to help us matchmake Project Leaders and Contributors

What happens if I am selected?

  • Costs for participating in the program covered as well as a 1000 USD grant to support travel and expenses

  • Project feedback from peers and mentors. You also will get facilitation and support for doing outreach, fundraising, and building partnerships.

  • A space for you and your project in the Reef MENA, our first OpenVillage house in North Africa. The residency consists of a structured set of online activities in a co-working/ co-living space for your project for one month


  • October 2017: Project feedback from peers and mentors, facilitation and support for building partnerships during an Edgeryders run workshop in your country

  • November 2017: Confirmation of your selection as a fellow and letter of invitation to support your VISA application. Project feedback from peers and mentors.

  • December 2017: Confirmation that we will cover your visa application fee and travel expenses* to work on your project in a beautiful, calm location in Morocco. The residency consists of a structured set of online activities and co-working/ co-living space for your project for one month.Exact date for this depends on how long it takes you to secure your visa.

  • February 2018: Travel to the OpenVillage House and start working on your project with wonderful, skilled people from around the world for 1-3 months! The House will provide you with a place to live and food free of charge.

  • On completion of the program: You will receive your 1000 USD bursary.

Become an OpenVillage Fellow now! Apply before November 4, 2017!

NB: This is the second round of applications for the OpenVillage Fellowship Program. The first round has closed and our selection made: Congratulations to @yosser and @m_tantawy!