OpenVillage Festival FAQ

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Is OpenVillage Festival happening in an actual village?

No. It happens in the city and we call it like this because of many reasons: because in today’s world we seem to be living in a global village; because the Internet is a village; because someday we might buy a village… :-)

Who is it for?

Project protagonists, caregivers & recipients, entrepreneurs, public administrations, funders & investors. Anyone interested in matters of health, social care, resilient communities, global networks doing things together, people from the Internet and from any corner of the world. Go figure.

What is the connection between Edgeryders, OpenCare and OpenVillage?

Edgeryders is a global community running for 6 years. OpenCare is our flagship research project in 2016-2017 where we summoned people (old and new members) to discuss collaborative and open models of health and social care. We want to turn the insights and knowledge into a practical spin-off: OpenVillage. It starts with the festival this October!

Seriously now, what should I expect to find there?

Oh, where do we start? Expect to learn new things beyond buzzy words, mainly from more real conversations and less conference networking. Expect to meet interesting people whom otherwise you would not meet. At least not in the same space.

Who can I talk to if I don't find the information here?

Simply write a comment below and we’ll be in touch!