OpenVillage Festival - participation

Hello all ,

I am relatively new to the community (actively, as I have been following you for a while now). I am a health economist with an increasing interest in medical anthropology.

I was actually looking for the “right post” to contribute to when I saw your post on help needed with the social media for the OpenVillage festival and decided it would be a great way to meet the group (and the group to meet me :slight_smile: ).

So, nice to meet you all!

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Welcome on board.

Hi @imagosuz , I’m glad you found your way in. At times all we need is for someone to post a cry for help on the internet :slight_smile:

I’m Noemi, an Edgeryder since the early days and doing community management, and more and more interested in selfcare and lifestyle health, probably a no brainer for professionals.

So with the social media and communication this structured task could be a useful start:

Curating social media digests - in practice this means you produce 3 headlines every day based on community stories, both older and newer (tweet format is good) that will get sent to our list of 70+ people in the opencare community so they themselves can share with their networks and so on. It takes about 30 mins every other day, gets you up to speed with stories and projects we’re discovering and importantly, secures you a ticket to the Festival for Meet the OpenCarers track (for which tickets are secured through active participation - posting stories being the first, but we keep it open).

A bit of context: with Edgeryders, we teach ourselves to build rewarding event experiences by finding sweet spots for people to contribute early on and use their skills to shape them (after all we are a small team spread all over the world), so by the time we meet in a room people will have known each other quite well. I find it speeds up learning quite a lot.

If this sounds good for you, feel free to start building the headlines by editing/ commenting here, then we’ll transfer them into our digest. How is 3 weeks as a calendar for now? Then once we get going we might find it fun to work together and take it to the next level :-)  Let me know.

Btw, we also have weekly community calls on Wednesdays 18:00 CET on hangouts where we can coordinate the work and debug things.

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Welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Alberto. And glad to meet you, @imagosuz !