OpenVillage Festival Session Documentation

Photo credit: @Rachel

Find the documentation for all OpenVillage Festival sessions from the links below.

Session documentation Lead by
Infrastructures of Autonomy and Dynamic Equilibrium of Collaboration John Coate (Edgeryders; The Farm)
Yannick Schandene (Huis VDH, Vélo M2, BIFF)
Cindy Regalado (The Public Lab)
Eta Demby (Woodbine Health) as moderator
Complexities of Water - Investigating Clean Water for Community Alberto Rey
(State University of New York at Fredonia)
The Dunbar Number: Implications of scale on community health Harrison Chiu (Biosphere(X))
Learning from Emergency Mutual Aid Michael Dunn (GoldenFoot Collective)
Harvesting Session festival curators
An ethnography of OpenCare – live demo and research results Alberto Cottica (Edgeryders)
Amelia Hassoun (University of Oxford)
Federico Monaco (Universita degli Studi di Parma)
Jason Vallet (University of Bordeaux)
Nonnegotiable: Reproductive Sovereignty as a Key to Resilient Communities (missing) Liz Lund (New York, USA)
Organizing the open science behind open insulin (workshop) Anthony Di Franco (Open Insulin, Auckland, USA)
Winnie Poncelet (Reagent / Ekoli, Ghent, Belgium)
Policy Redesigned – collaboratively rewiring inclusivity in to policy Lucia Scopelliti, Matteo Mateini (Municipality of Milan)
Gehan Macleod (GalGael Trust, Glasgow) as moderator
Everyone should be able to adopt (lifesaving) health innovation! (workshop) Fabio Balli (BreathingGames)
Bernard Dugas (BreathingGames)
Ethics and data protection in open source, community based projects Marco Manka
(SCImPulse Foundation; Medical Applications, CERN)
Opensourcing DNA Damage testing (workshop) Rachel Aronoff (Hackuarium, Renens, Switzerland)
Creating situations for healthy experiences Bernard McGlinchey (An Ait Aile, Galway, Ireland)
The Edge of Funding - Sustainability and Financial Models (panel) Erik Osiakwan (Poptech; TED; Stanford, MIT and Harvard fellow)
Paola Villareal (Creative Commons)
Chris Cook (P2P Foundation)
Nadia EL-Imam (Edgeryders) as moderator
Building OpenVillage Edgeryders
Building healthy and productive online-offline communities (masterclass) (also: the slides) John Coate (The Farm; Edgeryders)
Revolutionary Care – Building Health Autonomy Woodbine
Care for digital security Matthew Mitchell

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