OpenVillage Festival: Why and How

How we work and how we live are intimately tied. The Edgeryders intention has always been to reinvent work making it more communal, more productive and less alienating. Through trial and error in our own personal and professional lives, we have figured out how to do it in practice. Our next step is to secure permanently affordable spaces to support these new forms of communal living and working. We are building a model to collectively purchase real estate without going through the banks. OpenVillage is how we use our collective intelligence to get a fast, cheap, prototype off the ground.

On October date 2017, Edgeryders will open the doors of our first OpenVillage in Brussels. This gathering offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to meet, learn and shape the future with peers doing inspiring work around the globe. The number of participants is limited to 70 founding members, the format curated to encourage discovery and deep conversation in an inspiring environment.

What will happen during the event? One day of talks, one day of workshops, one day of building as well as an exhibition showcasing new technologies, tools and methodologies. Similar to previous community events we’re organising the event around tracks which represent different perspectives and angles by which to understand and build upon the overall concept of OpenCare (community driven care). This year we’ve invited a number of experts to help with curating three tracks (full program):

  • Track 1: MEET THE OPENCARERS. Presenting findings from the OpenCare, a massive two year research project into community-driven health and social care. We will meet and learn from the leaders of promising projects in the existing OpenCare ecosystem such as [three examples here].  Curated by  
  • Track 2: COMMUNITY PROPERTY. How do we acquire and manage collective property for permanent affordable living and working? We will discover and learn from cases of existing financial, legal and governance models. Curated by   
  • *** THE FUTURE OF CARE: A POLICY AND INVESTMENT LAB. How do we make it attractive to finance community ecosystems and what enabling infrastructures already exist that we can learn from? Implications for participants, investors and policy makers. Curated by  

What happens after the event? The event is a launch pad for us to acquire and manage a permanent community property for permanently affordable living and working:

  • A tolerant, safe space to nurture p2p collaboration and trade across cultural, geographic and disciplinary borders.
  • A permanently sustainable support system for individuals working to tackle socioeconomic, ecological and political problems in their communities. 
  • A laboratory for gently exploring new ways of living and working together in diversity.

It will allow us to have in the same place permanent homes for a core group, temporary accommodations for others and shared spaces for working.

How do I get involved? The number of tickets is limited to 70 per track. To secure a ticket you sign up as a member of the OpenVillage and follow a simple registration process. Priority is given to individuals who are and are willing to prepare in advance, as well as work with others to make the most out of our gathering.

How to support/partner with the initiative: We have a quick informal chat to find a match between your interests and what is needed. If you wish to make a financial contribution, you can do so on our crowdfunding page [add URL]

For more information: Come to our weekly online community gatherings on Wednesdays at 18:00 CET here or contact