OpenVillage session: an interactive session where people play with the ethnographic datascape?

I am at Masters of Networks with Anders Munk. Based on some work they did at Aalborg U in a different context, we came up with the idea to do an “interactive restitution” of the OpenCare research results at OpenVillage Fest in Brussels.

  1. Get people to play with GraphRyder. What do they see? (of course, they will need materials and instructions to explain the tool and the data).
  2. Get feedback from participant observation (done by @Amelia , @Federico_Monaco and Anders himself.
  3. Only then have the presentation by Amelia and final discussion.

Leaving this here so I do not forget it. Thoughts?

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A few ideas

It sounds good to me… Being at Masters of Networks right now I see people trying to advance the ways to render the opencare conversations and interactions using GraphRyder. Here’s some ideas mentioned which could support this session:

  • users can search for ethnographic tags that they are interested in and look at who (else) is talking about it and what other related topics are the same people talking about?

    Actionable: can we give session participants homework to state their node of interest (keyword)?

  • can we repurpose a number of weekly community calls for GraphRyder demos led by the team in Bordeaux as a warmup for the event?

If you agree to co-facilitate this session, let @Gehan know how much time you need (probably 2 hrs?) and how many people is the maximum you can work with.

PS In addition to opencare research group, I assigned the post to the village coordination group so we keep an eye on developments and this gets picked up for the final program.

Who is “you”?

“If you agree to co-facilitate this session…”


…I assume @Amelia and @Federico_Monaco .

Also Anders

He would like to come, and has some experience. Not sure if facilitting is compatible with participant observation.

Better to have a different facilitator

It would be better for someone else to facilitate while we (me, Federico, and Anders) walked around and interacted with people, and kept an eye on what they were doing/how they were getting along.

After the interactive session, I can go through the ethnographic findings from our perspective, and someone could help me facilitate a conversation at that point ( @Federico_Monaco could co-present with his findings from WeMake)?

Weekly community calls for GraphRyder demos

Yes, this is an excellent idea.

we’ll arrange these sessions with Adrien and @Jason_Vallet We’ll publicize the launch of these sessions here mentionning you guys so you can disseminate invitations. I know @Federico_Monaco will want to join.


Start with one, and blow the horn about it two weeks in advance (ping @Owen ). Let’s see how much traction these more geeky things have.

Sounds good, we’ll put it into our weekly program once it kicks off :slight_smile: