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It is my pleasure to introduce myself. Unique experiment of nature, kind, sweet, cheerful, positive, charismatic, did I mention good looking? I have a couple of certificates……and so on… curious and creative, eager to learn, to travel, have fun…

I live in Serbia, the Balkans, reason enough to be interested in current events in the world and region. Turbulent past, dynamic present and an uncertain future, burdensome by intolerance and conflicts in the region, which I personally found not only unnecessary but also totally crazy, because we all have the same desires and dreams, to live freely, love unconditionally, have fun, learn, be independent, travel, have amazing adventures, the best parties …. without regard to national and religious affiliation, skin color, eye color… there are too many prejudice, inequality, unprotected and vulnerable people, there is gender inequality, intolerance, social injustice, poverty, hunger, disease, non-existent or inadequate health care, problems of refugees, racism…. I do not know why and I`m trying to understand. Injustice affects me terribly. We learn history in order to avoid the mistakes which were made and were pretty catastrophic, and to me it seems like we constantly repeat the same errors. I have learned not to judge in advance, that all deserve respect, a smile, a kind word, that the mind is like a parachute works only if it is open, that in the period of globalization, IT progress, revolutionary discoveries, scientific achievements, robotics, nanotechnology … we must not think about limits, all barriers and borders exists  only in our heads., I perfectly understand what it means conflict, and detest it, I hate arguing, hate conflicts. I watch the news, read a newspaper and follow social networks and  I can say there is too much violence, too much suffering, too much of everything negative, the constant threat of war, terrorism…just too much. I want a better world, a better society, a better life for all, it is important to take care of others, to be open-minded. I want more, I need more, no one should be afraid for ones lives, children must not be hungry, barefoot, on the streets, women must not be abused, people should not be expelled from their homes, the world gone crazy and we desperately need all people of good will who want and have the knowledge and strength to fight, not only to philosophize and criticize, but also commit to work, to improve our society, day after day, devotedly…

They tell us that as individuals we cant do anything, at least anything important, that we are still small, young and inexperienced, but adults forget, and sometimes reduces our value, ignored it, forget it under the weight of today circumstances. We are thirsty for knowledge and education, we might be weak, but snowflakes are gentle and weak until they connect, then they become strong. We need to connect, as snowflakes, the youth of the region and the world, only united we can be strong, important, perhaps adults hear us and listen. When children quarrel, they quickly reconcile because its not important to be right, but to be happy. We should accept that we do not have to agree on everything, sometimes can agree to disagree, but we have to respects others’ way of life, other people’s opinion, that we can discuss about everything, not argue, talking in order to generate ideas, information, positive energy… To find the solution for all problems and dilemmas, make projects, succeed.

Somehow it feels despair and uncertainty it should not be so, we are young, we have desire and we can change everything that we do not like.

It is essential to connect, and I read that nothing brings people together as well as living a happy accident, if it is true, We, all  in this region, the Balkans, we have more opportunities to be close, strong and organized than anyone else in the world, everything we’ve been through good and bad, sometimes on opposite sides, unfortunately, but we survived, war and killing, and we must never repeat it, we also  sang and celebrated and rejoice together, it was perhaps more sadness and unhappiness, but if there is justice in life, in future we should have only lucky days, happiness. Good neighborly relations like friendship and trust builds, slowly and gradually, all that is good and valuable in life, takes time. First we need to forgive. Forgiveness is possible only with understanding, that is why this camp is super idea, to understand together what had happened, impartial, draw lessons from history, in order to continue, this time better, smarter.

The goal is to make the world a better and more humane place, sustainable, use space in the best possible way, with full respect of nature and population needs, because that’s the point of studying, find the best way to reconcile nature and society to meet human needs, give vision of the future, the objectives of the future development.

Everything is connected and the problems must be considered as a system, If one part of the system does not work properly, it reflects on other parts of the system.

The weapon that I sell in Europe, will kill a child in Syria. That same weapon. I kill a child in Syria and everywhere else, everyday. I kill also beacuse I do not do anything to change things.

I really liked your story. I liked it also because I share the same ideas and attitudes. I live in Albania and know very well what you mean, what it means to be exist in the Balkans. This is a very nice project and however it goes it seems like it has an impact without even being started yet.

Nice to virtually meet you :). My name is Ola

We should love, forgive and work together

I liked reading from you because I can connect to some of the scenarios that you talked about.

I live in Nigeria, which has been described so often as the most populous country in Africa and blessed with enormous natural resources. Yet, people live in abject poverty with the average households struggling to survive on $1 per day.

I think the solutions we crave for should be worked out through love for one another. We should forgive our excesses and short comings then sit down together to work out appropriate solutions.

I believe you can greatly impact the world by getting some of us to join you in your project.

Happy to meet you. What you are currently working on?

Hi Ola @shakaerjola and @bageloptimal , welcome!

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Thank you and nice meeting you too!

Hello Noemi!

Thank you for your assistance and welcoming words. I wrote a short bio on my profile, hope is ok. Have a very nice evening!

Really makes a difference!

Wow, much more informative @shakaerjola and good luck with your new work at YMCA! Is there a youth project that changes the face of Albania right now? Perhaps something where broader communities are involved…? Connecting with a project of community care would be very interesting. It would be a first for edgeryders in that area :slight_smile: