Our client every person on the streets of Europe.

Our client

every person on the streets of Europe.

Some people say the sky is just the sky, but I say, why deny the obvious child? ā€“ Paul Simon

The homeless in the tunnel of Brussels Central Station, the migrants in Gare du Nord, the bus drivers on strike for a decent stop over for a croissant and a coffee. The hipsters taking the early Thalys to go for a meeting in Paris, the bankers on their way in the Eurostar, and that old lady trying to make sense of the machines just to get a ticket to visit an old friend in Namur. The 5ā€™ o clock kitchen brigade of any small bar in any station in Europe. Yellow vests marching. Those throwing stones. Those hitting hard with their batons. Medics on both sides. Those who have destroyed over 60% of all traffic cameras. Those repairing them. Software developers perfecting gait recognition. Those who walk. Us, walkers. Architects of houses housing voice activated shopping machines. Architects of gardens in which computing is infused with the grass. More water. More electricity. Power. Architects of cities overlaying a visual grid, digitally twinning every lamppost, every bin. Any piece of paper in that bin, in the grid. Some people the sky is just the sky, but it is the cloud. Whose cloud? Architects of hybridity hide behind models that hide the simplicity and commonality, the plain sense. The painters, the carpenters and the firemen. The football player aching pain in his pleasure after the remote referee said no goal. The kids biking watching their feeds like hawks with glasses. The bike left to ride on its own, no passenger to move it along, so lonely, hears of cars complaining and getting depressed as they crouch remotely activated only. Just what is it exactly that they want, they were overheard whispering. What is it? I heard a person say: We want to be free (to do what we want to do) but they do not seem free to me, just more anxious and more worried. Still. The soldiers marching. The prisoners paying for their own prison stay. Those whose say Good morning!. Those who say Goodnight. You getting a morning coffee, you who face a lonely day. You trying to do good. You trying to do evil. And the few Kings who still walk Europa. The honest man seeking an honest wage.

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