Our Data Coop: Intelligent Sharing for Community Benefit

We first talked about developing data coops for community benefit when we joined Edgeryders at the UnMonastery for lote3 last Autumn. Our experience of supporting the Our Digital Community initiative with the Creative Coop, membership of the Local Public Data Panel, as well as conversations with local government colleagues in the UK had led us to conclude that the community sector lags behind its public and private counter-parts where establishing a reliable and effective intelligence capability is concerned.

Collective thinking evolved and we posted a detailed update back in June 2014 – in relation to which we were genuinely overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from people interested to understand our ideas in greater depth.

We’ve since benefited from discussions with Mydex CIC about its personal data exchange initiative; New Philanthropy Capital about its involvement in establishing the Justice Data Labnquiring minds about fit with the range of exciting projects that it is taking forward at present; @MarkBraggins from the Hampshire Hub as well as Steve Peters (@open_data) and colleagues from Legsb and the LGA. We also contributed to a fringe event kindly organised by Open Data Manchester at the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin back in July which helped us to further refine our approach.

So, we’re incredibly pleased that the Social Investment Business recently agreed to support a targeted piece of work in relation to Data Coop development which will be undertaken over the coming months – led by the Creative Coop working with Common Futures and Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP.

Our website will soon be live and carry full information about the first phase of activity planned - a rapid research project to understand the challenges and opportunities in greater depth from a legal, technical and community perspective. This workshop will introduce the initiative, encourage a dialogue between interested parties to improve our understanding of the data ownership landscape internationally as well as question how best to steward intellectual property assets for community benefit.

Date: 2014-10-24 11:30:00 - 2014-10-24 11:30:00, Europe/London Time.

URL: http://www.ourdata.coop/

Our Data Coop - Project Website Launch


The Our Data Coop website is now live.

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