Our first public talk video is now online

My hope is that more people the team and wider community out and do this kind of public presentation about OpenCare and other projects at conferences. Please feel free to use and remix the contents of this presentation to promote OpenCare in contexts relevant to you, under your own “flag”. If you need the keynote slides I ended up using just email nadia@edgeryders.eu and I can send them to you:

I realise now that I should have let this video with the UKIP representative’s answer to the audience question in this BBC hardtalk video go on for longer:



Other than developing partnerships and telling the world about the project, I see it as crucial for people in the team to familiarize ourselves with the narrative and learning to explain the project. I find it difficult, especially because whenever you go into health care you need to be a professional to know what you are talking about. Great great work, and even more precious because it’s so soon in the game.

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Agreed. I am digging this moving early and aggressively.

The video got removed

Really curious to see it but apparently it was removed from the owner. I already have the slides but the video would have been an easier introduction to OpenCare for newcomers. Hope it is coming back!

Edit: actually also the online presentation isn’t there anymore. Could you send it to me again @Nadia pls?


Apparently they uploaded it again.