Our Internet is under threat! 😟 Please fight.


Our Internet is under threat! :worried: You probably heard about the EU’s upcoming copyright reform. It puts at risk freedom of expression on the Internet, and the very existence of independent forums like edgeryders.eu (learn why). So, we joined a coalition of hundreds of forums and other sites fighting it.

We urge you to take action. Please call (!!) your representatives in the EU parliament and urge them to vote against the copyright reform on March 27. And if you can, join a demonstration on March 23. More details here.


In very short: the European Parliament is soon making a final vote about an idiotic copyright “reform” law that includes provisions for upload filtering and upfront licencing of all materials that possibly could be posted on a platform.

All this is such blatant and dangerous nonsense that on March 11, the Unites Nations human rights office consider it necessary to published this article: “EU must align copyright reform with international human rights standards:laughing:

I was thinking what I or we can reasonably do against this, and here’s a small list of things:

(1) Persuading EU politicians to pledge against the upload filter article

(2) Go to the demos!

There will be demos on March 23 all over Europe. So if something is happening in your city already …

(3) Internet outage

German Wikipedia will go dark on March 21, and there is a large coalition of 407 mostly German “forums against upload filters” that may do the same. I added edgeryders.eu to the list. We haven’t decided yet if or how we’ll participate in the planned outage. Since we don’t have massive amounts of external traffic like Wikipedia, we’d mostly hurt ourselves instead of raising attention :frowning:

(4) Don’t implement

In my personal opinion that’s the only thing that would help: civil disobedience, just not following this nonsense if it becomes law. Apart from the fact that there is no practical solution for upload filters, an institution passing such a nonsense has lost all moral authority – at least when it comes to regulating our Internet. As the admin of edgeryders.eu, I won’t do a single hour of work to implement “upload filters”. We didn’t have a single issue with copyright infringing uploads on our platform, so the whole matter is just hilarious.


wondering if anyone around Lausanne is already aware of this issue. Saw there have already been protests (a live stream from Bremen came up) and signed the petition!


here: http://chng.it/zcyLnb5SPS

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #5


Oh, and to infuriate the undecided people a bit, here’s an “interesting” update from the one-and-only Pirate Party member in the European Parliament. Axel Voss is the EU’s head negotiator of the copyright reform and member of German party CDU.


So much for the “church/state wall” that is supposed to exist in news orgs.


And it gets better, apparently they moved stuff around and the article 13 text is now embedded in a different article (17 I think)


Ha, indeed :open_mouth: From four hours ago:


Thanks for alerting us to this @matthias! May I suggest a black out profile image as a marketing strategy to raise awareness? Just place a black profile image or image on your feeds?


really too pathetic - esp if such strategies work, though!


Newest updates: today’s demonstrations in Germany had 100,000 participants combined (from here, so far unconfirmed).

And now a guy called Daniel Caspary, member of the European Parliament for German party CDU/CSU, told a German newspaper in relation to the demonstrations and protests: “When American corporations with massive use of disinformation and paid protesters try to prevent laws, our democracy is under threat.” :astonished: :crazy_face: :laughing:

Which was then spread by the official Twitter account of the CDU/CSU faction in the European Parliament:

I don’t even …


Relevant to the EC’s NGI (Next Generation Internet) project in that whatever they decide to do, it will be friendly to the interests of European corporations.


so… what is now the scoop? did anyone make a black profile pic?? what is the us disinfo campaign story, really?? ? (a bit confused now…) ciao for now!


Now that everything has been said and done by the People without power, we have to wait until the vote next Tuesday. I already have a morbid curiosity to know if they will dare to vote this law through.

About the German CDU’s allegation of a U.S. led disinformation campaign to influence the vote: pretty sure that’s only their conspiracy theory mindset. They did not present any facts beyond that Google has donated >7 million USD over the last 10 years to Wikipedia, and correlate that with Wikipedia blacking out.

That low amount of facts did not prevent them from double down on their claims. Today Elmar Brok, a German CDU member of the European Parliament, lamented a “massive and algorithmically controlled campaign of the large Internet comanies” against the copyright reform (source).

(As for me, I’m against the upload filter and mandatory licencing regulations because as a website operator who does not want anything to do with anyone’s copyrighted content, I don’t want them to impose any rules, work or expenses on me operating a website.)


yes, we are stuck waiting now, and hoping the politicians aren’t too much like the current american model :wink: . sigh… Of course, for your average ‘free internet’ user, to implement those filters would be quite a disincentive to continuing - cutting further into personal liberties. (Google donating to Wikipedia makes sense to me, but you can see how a certain mindset could take that in a negative way…)
ciao for now!

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #17


Vote results: adopted with 348 in favour, 274 against.

Time for Edgeryders to think about dismantling hosting anything in the EU, founding a subsidiary company in a progressive country like Nepal, and moving the hosting there. “Democracy”, my ass.


tough hit — hmmmm
will they have bot enforcement strategies already up soon???
people talk about Estonia for registering cos.
is Nepal the best option for hosting??
don’t lose hope! :slight_smile:


Get one’s house in order. But also step up the fight for everyone to have a house where they live imo.