Our Internet is under threat! 😟 Please fight.

Relevant to the EC’s NGI (Next Generation Internet) project in that whatever they decide to do, it will be friendly to the interests of European corporations.

so… what is now the scoop? did anyone make a black profile pic?? what is the us disinfo campaign story, really?? ? (a bit confused now…) ciao for now!

Now that everything has been said and done by the People without power, we have to wait until the vote next Tuesday. I already have a morbid curiosity to know if they will dare to vote this law through.

About the German CDU’s allegation of a U.S. led disinformation campaign to influence the vote: pretty sure that’s only their conspiracy theory mindset. They did not present any facts beyond that Google has donated >7 million USD over the last 10 years to Wikipedia, and correlate that with Wikipedia blacking out.

That low amount of facts did not prevent them from double down on their claims. Today Elmar Brok, a German CDU member of the European Parliament, lamented a “massive and algorithmically controlled campaign of the large Internet comanies” against the copyright reform (source).

(As for me, I’m against the upload filter and mandatory licencing regulations because as a website operator who does not want anything to do with anyone’s copyrighted content, I don’t want them to impose any rules, work or expenses on me operating a website.)

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yes, we are stuck waiting now, and hoping the politicians aren’t too much like the current american model :wink: . sigh… Of course, for your average ‘free internet’ user, to implement those filters would be quite a disincentive to continuing - cutting further into personal liberties. (Google donating to Wikipedia makes sense to me, but you can see how a certain mindset could take that in a negative way…)
ciao for now!

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Vote results: adopted with 348 in favour, 274 against.

Time for Edgeryders to think about dismantling hosting anything in the EU, founding a subsidiary company in a progressive country like Nepal, and moving the hosting there. “Democracy”, my ass.

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tough hit — hmmmm
will they have bot enforcement strategies already up soon???
people talk about Estonia for registering cos.
is Nepal the best option for hosting??
don’t lose hope! :slight_smile:

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Get one’s house in order. But also step up the fight for everyone to have a house where they live imo.

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Oh, sure. Underground houses for everyone then. As in, it’s time to revive independent encrypted cyberspace.

Not yet, nothing will happen immediately. In the next two years, EU national governments have to translate the ruling into national laws.

Not at all, I guess. I was making a serious joke that now any low-infrastructure nation is on the verge of offering a better environment for Internet startups than good old Europe. :smile: I imagine we’d register an independent subsidiary company at the district court of Dolpo, the most remote part of Nepal, not even connected to their national road network. And then, if anyone has any copyright issue with our website, welcome to sue us out there :laughing:

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Hi matthias and everyone.

The Directive was Approved but there is still time to do something. But we need manpower to act!

I came up with a proposal for a plan to fight the Directive, before it gets the final approval by countries at the European Council (in 10th April, possibly?).

Check here and let me know what you think about it:

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So the focus needs to be put on Swedish and German representatives to vote against this in the European Council.

Here is what needs to be done right now/today ahead of the Bundestag discussion that takes place tomorrow (Thursday April 4 at 17:00)

Email SPD in Brandenburg and Bremen and convince them to push SPD at the national level to vote against the copyright directive in the upcoming EU council meeting


** They have local elections coming up in May and September respectively
** They are polling at -11% and -8% and are heading towards losses because people percieve that the SPD is weak - unable to follow their own political agenda, unable to stand up to Merkel etc. So they need to demonstrate strength and energise their members ahead of the campaigning.


** The publicly elected officials in the Bundestag, including SPD deputies, are sitting on enormous power to do good by EU citizens. Political parties who show that they can leverage that power for good rise in the opinion polls.

** One highly visible opportunity to do so is the Bundestag discussion which takes place tomorrow (Thursday 4 april 2019) at 17:00 ahead of the final approval of upload filters in the EU Council of Ministers on April 15 (where a CDU agriculture minister, Julia Klöcker, is likely to attend on Germany’s behalf).

** If you can help get these upload filters rejected by the national SPD this could energise the party members hitting the streets to campaign in the local electoral race. As well as demonstrate strength and commitment to the principles of the party.

** Voting against these upload filters would be an opportunity to challenge the general perception that SPD, in spite of its congress decision and coalition agreement with the CDU to oppose upload filters in the EU copyright reform, is looking like it will be supporting such upload filters to placate the Christian Democrats and Chancellor Merkel. Who in turn acted from a position of weakness: Merkel decided to use “richtlinienkompetenz” to overrule SPD’s opposition to upload filters, since she has made a deal with France about Nordstream II according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

** Countless Europeans highly appreciative of good political leadership and you have a chance to show it. Especially when set against the chaos we see around us at the moment. We urge you to do so on behalf citizens in Germany and Europe at large.

** Kind regards,


Brandenburg: sascha.aulepp@spd-fraktion-bremen.de
Bremen: Brandenburg@spd.de

NB: Make sure to be clear if you are a citizen from a different EU country than Germany and(use https://www.deepl.com/en/translator for translation from your text in English/your own language) if you need it).

Also: please edit a bit so you are using your own words, not just copy paste!!

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I made a “native German” version along these lines, with some own thoughts added to the mix. If somebody wants to re-use it, feel free:

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We should do an open letter to them and push it out

Get their youth faction to pick it up

“Pathetic”? Wow that was a bit harsh!? It was a brainstorm idea in an attempt to help…
Can we keep it positive? Yes… and… is always a better approach in my experience.

Nah, this is a positive place, people don’t say harsh things here generally :grin:

I think you misunderstood the threading system here: in @rachel’s post there’s a mark in the top right that she’s replying to Nadia where she said:

So threading works a bit different here than in “flat” forum threads. This is the Discourse software and they call their thread model “semi-flat”. Takes a bit to get used to it, but it’s great as it keeps the flow of a person-to-person conversation while allowing to refer to what people say by replying or quoting. (Admittedly, it would have been more clear if Rachel had used a quotation, but we’re all still getting used to it I guess …)

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feeling hit by some dynamite! yes, indeed, thanks for your chivalry @matthias - of course it was in response to Nadia’s comments that I used that word… Still, one should acquire some experience with the system before going directly to scolding imho. (but I will try to make quotes to make it clearer, I guess, as seems useful). in terms of our digital selves, and needs to follow new upload filter laws at some point, I just found this article and guess it is of interest https://hbr.org/2019/01/privacy-and-cybersecurity-are-converging-heres-why-that-matters-for-people-and-for-companies
are cybersecurity and privacy converging? wdyt??

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While we’re at it, here’s a new threat to the Internet:

A dangerous combination of bureaucrats with not the hint of an idea what which part of the Internet is for, and nation states and the EU trying to usurp regulatory power over the Internet. Or, at second thought, trying to imitate China’s Great Firewall.

now I have to look up the Prelinger Archive!!

obviously those french officials need a talking to! :wink:

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