Our Pharmacy


1. Introduction
2. Basic supplies
3. Medications
4. Important instruction on handling wounds
5. Painkillers

1. Introduction

Since the house is a bit far from medical units, those are some basic medical items we should keep in the house for any emergency or mild sickness.

One person will not be able to pass with all the list through the borders so please edit / comment with what you can bring. Don’t worry all of them are OTC (don’t need prescription to be dispensed) and for sure don’t have controlled substances (narcotic / dangerous) :smiley:

2. Basic supplies

No Item Qty Who will bring it
1 Adhesive tape 1 × 3 cm width
1 × 6 cm width
2 Elastic wrap bandages 1 × 6 cm width
1 × 8 cm width
1 × 12 cm width
3 Adhesive Bandages 15 (different sizes) @HadeerGhareeb
4 Nonstick sterile bandages 5 (3 small, 2 large)
5 Triangle Bandage
6 Roller bandages 3 @HadeerGhareeb
7 Cotton 250 g in house
8 Disposable Gloves 50
9 Scissors and tweezers 1
10 Face Mask 5
11 Safety pins


  • The triangle bandage can be any triangular cloth, really.
  • Plastic bags could be used as well instead of the disposable gloves.

3. Medications

  1. Calamine lotion
  2. Nifuroxazide capsules
  3. sesame oil and beeswax
  4. Antihistaminic
  5. Ibuprofen / Paracetamol
  6. Gentamicin oint
  7. Topical Aescin 1 g + Diethylamine salicylate 5 g.
  8. Cold Remedies
  9. Cough remedies (Herbal mix)
  10. Antiseptic solution
  11. Antacids
  12. Hydrocortisone cream
  13. Lozenges
  14. Antiseptic oint
No Item Brand Names and Uses Who
1 Calamine Lotion Uses: Mild itchiness. This includes from sunburn, insect bite, poision aok, or other mild skin conditions. It may also help dry out skin irritation Hadeer
2 Nifuroxazide Capsules Brand: Antinal
Uses: Instestinal antiseptic for the treatment of diarrahea & gastroenteritis
3 Sesame Oil and
Brand: Mebo
Uses: for burns
4 Antihistaminic Brand: Aerius tab
Uses: Allergy
5 Ibuprofen / Paracetamol Brand: Brufen / Panadol
Uses: pain reliever, decrease temperature, anti-inflammatory
in house
6 Gentamicin Ointment Brand: Garamycin
Uses: topical antibiotic
7 Topical Aescin 1g + Diethylamine Salacylate 5g Brand: Reparil gel
Uses: anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving aescin gel
8 Cold Remedies Brand: ABC
Uses: for colds
in house
9 Cough Remedies(Hernal mix) Brand: Guava syrup, Ivaryspan syrup, Sekem Herbal Tea
Uses: for cough
10 Antiseptic Solution Brand: Dettol
Uses: wound cleaning
11 Antacids Brand: Ex. Rani
Uses: heart burn, gastric disturbance
12 Hydoecortisone Cream Uses: eczema and dermantitis, anti-inflammtory
13 Lozenges Uses: sore throat
14 Anti-Septic oint Brand: betadine
Uses: for wounds
in house


  • Please if someone has serious allergy please make sure that you have your epinephrine shots.

4. Important instruction on handling wounds

  1. Wash it with water to remove any dust that may be sticking to the area.
  2. Immediately after this, it is important to cleanse the area with an antiseptic liquid (Dettol) that can prevent microorganisms from causing the wound to get infected.
  3. Apply an antibacterial ointment to reduce the risk of infection (Betadine, Garamycin).

5. Painkillers

When you have a wound, there is often the possibility of a slight swelling, redness and pain in the area. Sometimes, you may develop a muscle spasm or sprain when you bend or stretch in an unnatural manner. In such cases too, there will be pain and inflammation. People who suffer from fever or a respiratory tract infection accompanied by cough and cold may also find they have a slight pain all over the body.Forall such situations, stock up on painkillers that are available over the counter (OTC) such as Paracetamol / Ibubrufen.

Applying a cream to the affected area will help you get better relief more quickly. (ex. Reparil Gel).


Please keep updating!


This is very useful, thanks a lot for putting this together! Esp. I like the DIY flavor (“any triangle cloth”, “plastic bags for disposable gloves”). When this list matures a bit more, we’ll have a working OpenVillage Solution I’d say :blush:

I think most of the items we can get in pharmacies in Gazhoua and Essaouira as well, but I’m not sure which one might be the harder to get ones. And anyway, of course I welcome the crowd-supply system in case anyone has over-supply items around.

About inserting a table: it can be done in this platform, but it’s a bit difficult as it needs HTML code. I took the freedom to convert the first image to a table (and you can now see how it’s done when you edit your post again). No need for action though, @anu or me will convert the second image to a table as well. (Shoutout to Anu for the CSS table formatting btw … her work, and it looks nice and clean in practice, such as above.)


Actually, there are many techniques could be through DIY, since first aid kit might be unavailable sometimes. Like using belt to fix hip fractures, magazines to make splint. As long as the injury is kept clean we can improvise with the surroundings.

Thanks a lot for organizing the topic, looks way better :slight_smile:

Great work @HadeerGhareeb! Thanks a lot.

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