Our story

How to do artistic and cultural work that is socially engaged, responds to 21st century challenges, and at the same time meets the deep seated need for individual and collective wellbeing? In the Culture Squad we wish to discover new ways, and walk the talk.

An open network, we act as a high speed mobile division which amplifies local grassroots initiatives into a bigger conversation and collaboration taking place on our Edgeryders forum. Connectivity and technology help us accelerate learning, share knowledge, discover opportunities for interesting projects and generate meaningful work for our members.

Projects are initiated and led by those who show initiative and curiosity for how digital technology can expand the scope of their work and their international networks. We come from community theater, punk art, spoken poetry, game design, or cultural policy and participatory event making, to:

  • launch deep conversations on important questions and problems local communities have
  • produce co-created community festivals
  • use play and game design as a tool for social cohesion and social change
  • support and train cities/ organisations and local groups to build thriving communities using a mix of online and offline methodologies.
  • do new things in radically open ways.
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