Ourghema, first coworking space in Medenine, Tunisia

Medenine is a small city that is located 480km south of the capital Tunis and almost 250km away from the Tunisian-Libyan borders. It is one of the disadvantaged regions and it has one of the highest unemployment rates in Tunisia, especially among the women.

In this tiny town and such a difficult context, @Yosser Belguith, a young graduates from Tunis Business School, rose up to the challenge of changing this reality by opening the first coworking and community space. Through her project Ourghema Space Yosser has the ambition to promote entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship among the young talented and graduates in her town by engaging them in different initiatives and activities.

The space was opened last Saturday, with more than 150 people who participated in the inauguration ceremony including government officials, representatives of the civil society, professionals and many young people who were thrilled by the birth of this space.

The feedback was quite positive and encouraging. Many young people have volunteered to help with organization of the ceremony, including talented photographers who were there to cover the event.

The space is quite cozy and dynamic thanks to the positive vibes of Yosser and her team. It is a perfect place to work for professionals and young freelancers but also to study and do homework for students. Yosser is also preparing a lot of cool events which will help build the community of changemakers in the city.
Support this beautiful initiative of Yosser, even by sharing the posts of her Facebook page, or by recommending the space to your friends, and make sure to visit whenever you are nearby, trust me, there a lot to discover starting with the good vibes of the space :smiley: