OurGhema, How far is it going?

Things are going good right now with the OurGhema, I was in Paris for two weeks to work more on the project and it was super nice!
1: I have an months mentoring to work on the project and see how I can start it.
2: I had the opportunity to talk about the project in different Media to promote the project and introduce it (Europe1 … )
3: I was invited to have a word on behalf of the program that I partcipated in, in the French ministry of foreign affairs, where I talked about the project and how the idea started, which helped me get a larger network

So, things are moving smoothly and I am excited about as I am sensing the birth of my baby OurGhema in the next few months!
Aw, and I made the logo of the space with some help from @dorra-b :

So the idea is that it will be the cat of OurGhema, that will be personalized in different ways depending on the event… and it will be used for the story telling… Also most of the people love cats.
PS: I really can’t wait to see you all in Medenine, as I wasn’t able to meet you in Brussels !


This is really great news, @Yosser. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, I am in Milan. There is quite some interest on the Open Village concept too. I hope soon to introduce you to a fantastic guy, Davide, who made an “instant hostel” + exhibition space where 80 people slept by night, and had exhibitions during the day.


Wow sounds interesting, I would be hapy to meet this guy, who maybe can join us in the Camp?