Ourghema public event on collective intelligence

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As part of our visit to Médenine, I offered @Yosser a public event to link back to the hackathon, but that anyone in town could come to. We have now agreed on the following.

Title: Collective Intelligence: what it is and why it is important.
Subtitle: Making sense of badly defined problems with online conversations, ethnography and network science
Date and venue: Friday 23rd November at Ourghema
Featuring: just me, unfortunately, because the dev team needs to be doing uninterrupted work in Djerba on that day.

Short presentation text:

Collective intelligence is what happens when groups of humans “know” things that no individual human in them knows. Together, we unpack this concept and show an example of how this might happen, based on real data.

If you want to participate into the practical part, bring your own laptop. You will need a fairly modern version of Chrome or Firefox. No installation is needed.


  • A 45 minutes talk, followed by Q&A.
  • A short break
  • Collective intelligence in practice: we analyze an example dataset representing an actual online conversation. This takes about 1 hour.

Also ping @zmorda, who might be interested in coming to Médenine for this.


I will start the communication of the event today :slight_smile: Thank you Alberto :slight_smile:

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