Own Your Cloud - webinar/nextcould setup workshop 8th of May

will add you @darkturo :slight_smile:

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@mattias, thank you for your question and for sharing the invitation.

At the moment we can only do it with the rsvp signup. Your friends can create an account on Edgeryders and sign up with that. After the experience with a zoombomber showing disturbing imagery during one of our community calls 2 weeks ago, we decided not only to move away from zoom, but also to be more careful in general. For now, the best way we can provide that is via the rsvp list. However, your friends could also message me in private if they do not want to do so via the thread.

We would like to record the webinar for research purposes. You can find more information about the research project, process and how we handle the data as well as where to ask for more information here: Edgeryders Calls and Webinars? - PARTICIPANT INFORMATION SHEET.

This information will also be send to you in the chat when you jion the call.

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There was already a lot I did like with OwnCloud, so I’m delighted to hear it has progressed as much as you say!

Not sure what will be covered in the upcoming webinar, but a few things on my mind are…

The tradeoff between ease of running the server in the cloud with the security vulnerability that entails. Spinning up an instance on AWS is so convenient, but Amazon are subject to governmental pressures. Are there hosting sites that are recommended as being more secure? Or, what has been the experience of people who simply set up a dedicated server at home?

Backups. Regardless of where I run the server, how easy is it to set up an encrypted backup, say on S3?

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The technology you will learn, juju, does not differentiate between running your own IaaS (server + storage + network) and AWS. As we are going to practice the deployment for demo only, the items you mention on privacy/integrity is the tradeoff.

I run my own IaaS-cloud at home and deploy Nextcloud exactly in line with what you will learn tomorrow. So, I in a situation that you don’t like to sacrifice privacy/integrity this is what you do.

Setting up a IaaS at home is another workshop I guess which is not so difficult but requires a private physical server.

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I’d like to join, but there are chances I will not make it - or not in time. Can you add me to the list?

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added you. Just join in when you can :slight_smile:

i don’t see myself on the attendee list on the link

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addded you now

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added you now

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It’s a bit late for me (British Summer Time zone) - can I sign up and watch the recording later please?

hello i added you and here is the link:


you can also watch this video to follow the process:

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thank you

to @erik_lonroth and the participants of the workshop.

I am over the clouds :slight_smile:


@erik_lonroth , can you repost the Ip address here?

Open source software like the one used today to set up the next cloud is on the basis of many paid services. People write these softwares for free during their own time and then work on “duct taping” or clueing together open code snippets for commercial services during the day.
We would like to ask you for your input on this situation in this thread:

And to invite you to our summit on making a living, where this issue will also be one of the points discussed.


Ok. Can it also be possible that Edgeryders in the future provide an email address which possible participants can email for RSVP to events? Or is access to events always tied to a membership here? Sorry to hear about the Zoom-experience.

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access to events is tied to membership for a number of reasons, in some cases it is strictly required in order for us to be able to follow up on discussions, be accountable to funders where relevant etc.

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OK, makes sense, thanks for the explanation!