Own Your Cloud - webinar/nextcould setup workshop 8th of May

“Own Your Cloud”

Webinar & Workshop by @erik_lonroth


on 8th of May, 17:00 - 19:00


A discussion of the ethical and legal implications of subscription services for clouds combined with a hands-on workshop helping everyone in the webinar to set up their own nextcloud (https://nextcloud.com) , a free and open source cloud that you control!

How to Join:

Comment to this post that you are interested and we will add you to the rsvp list and share the time and link to the call with you.
We are going to use our new Edgryders call tool with a secure rsvp list to make sure you and whatever you share is safe.

If you signed up via this thread, click this link:


You can see a preview of some of the workshop aspects in this video by @erik_lonroth:

"info": "A discussion of the ethical and legal implications of subscription services for clouds combined with a hands-on workshop helping everyone in the webinar to set up their own next-cloud, a free and open-source cloud that you will own yourself!"

Community Management support for this community run event is provided by Edgeryders as part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016.

The webinar will be recorded as a reference for research purposes. You can find more information here: https://edgeryders.eu/t/13445


Erik, do you have a reddit or stack over flow account @erik_lonroth? how about posting information about the event there?

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I have a reddit account but I’m not posting alot.

Where should I post it?

Dunno, you would need to find threads where people already are discussing things relevant to your topic. Maybe @matthias or @felix.wolfsteller have some ideas about this

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I am also not very reddit, cannot help unfortunately.

ok let’s try it this way :slight_smile:

I saw Nadia’s tweet and this webinar looks promising. I’m in!


yayy, welcome back - how have you been? It’s so weird you pop up now, I was thinking about getting in touch with you about a different thing we have been prototyping in Tunisia :slight_smile:

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@erik_lonroth the internet giveth… postar du där? har inget konto https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder


I’m intrested to join :slight_smile:


@Tuukka and @baderdean will put you on the participant list. Looking forward to meeting you there :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing with self hosting options for a couple of weeks now. I have a Nexcloud installed through Yunohost on a Virtualbox and it was working fine as a test.

But I am interested in the general conversation, as well as to learn more about Nextcloud capabilities, so I’ll be happy to join. Also because I still need to understand which way to go to install it to be honest, as every day I seem to discover yet another way to go about it (hello Juju and LXC), the options seem endless!


Great @Alessandro! Will put you on the list and keep you updated bad well :slight_smile:

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Yes. It is.

However I chose my parameters and degrees of freedom carefully and with high standards on open source, avoiding locking in, keeping to open standards, integrity, security, domain neutral, community activity and culture, maturity, creativity, etc. I landed in this technology stack and I get more and more convinced that was the right way to go.

This can quickly become a technical discussion which I love to have with you if you like in another thread?


Hey! Came here from r/datahoarder. This place seems cool. I would like to attend the seminar.


Great to have you here! Will put you on the participant list.

If you tell us a bit more about what you are interested in we will be able to help you exploring the platform even more :).


If you want to get a chance to try this before, I’ll be mentoring hackers on the following event…

Openhack - Hack4Future 2020 Australia invites you to join this 48 hours #global #virtual #hackathon as a hacker - all disciplines are welcome to register!

Here is a link to the Youtube video pitch about this event: [https://youtu.be/SXemzEclL58]

FAQs: [https://youtu.be/1G7wzXV-YGU]

The challenges that is addressed are:
A. Coronavirus spread tracking
B. Bushfire risk management
C. Smart cities

Live-streaming from Australia.
Starting at 5pm Canberra time (GMT+11).

1-3 of May 2020.

Contact for collaboration: openhack2020australia@gmail.com

Sign up to hack: https://lnkd.in/dd9KTAZ

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for live-streaming: https://lnkd.in/dYpgC5i

Follow newest updates on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2479286878999478

Visit the Website: https://www.openhack2020australia.com/hack4future


How do I add myself as going @MariaEuler?

Currently the way to do that is just to comment here that you want to join and I then add you to the list (as I have done now :))

10 sign ups already!

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