Ownership and Community Key to Coworking

I’m Nacho Rodriquez, founder of Coworking and Co-living Canary Islands. It can be hard to make a small coworking space sustainable, but the business became more interesting when we evolved, in response to demand from freelancers from all over the world, to establish three co-living spaces.

Co-livers have 24/7 access control via an app. This is crucial to our sustainability and more importantly, empowers co-livers to take ownership of the space. Work environments aren’t just people in a space together, they are about interacting and generating positive synergies with coworkers. As more companies become remote-friendly, it’s important that community remains a priority.

Our response to COVID has been more physical than technology based so far: no sharing of desks, minimum distance respected, and more demand for private offices. More generally, 5G will open opportunities to work in rural areas where connectivity currently is a challenge.