Panel on AI and ethics framework at the IGF in Berlin next week - please join the conversation

Hi all,

Next week is the yearly Internet governance forum (IGF) in Berlin, where I co-organized a panel on AI ethics on Thursday from 11.45 until 13.15.

The panel is entitled: “Beyond Ethics Councils - how to really do AI governance” please drop by if you’re also at the IGF! would be great to meet you IRL. You can find more info below:


Corinne (CCS)


Hi @CCS are you thinking about the new round of Erasmus+ calls? Would love to codev sth on ai in cultural heritage, we will address some of that in 2020 via an open cultural data hackathon and a new degree programme in data science and ai

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Hi Soenke,

Please tell me more - haven’t heard before of Erasmus+

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Hi Corinne, am looking at this call as it just popped up in my feed New Erasmus+ call especially dedicated to cultural heritage: NEMO - Network of European Museum Organisations also see this sprint we are organizing in Brussels Dec 12-13 Scoping the Horizon Workshop

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