Paper possibility

Hello everyone. I see an opportunity for showcasing OpenCare results at this conference:

The name looks very ICT-y, but it is actually fairly broad. In particular, our work with GraphRyder could fit under “Collective intelligence, sensing and action”, under theme 2 (more for @melancon and myself). There is also a “Studies of digital humanities and ethnographic studies using social media” topic under theme 3, which could be closer to @Federico_Monaco and @Ezio_Manzini . We would define as a social medium, which it is.

For the consortium, this is an opportunity to work in the direction indicated by the reviewers: work more closely together and ,make a stronger dissemination/exploitation push.

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deadline may 12th 2017 too close for me

Excuse me for emailing instead of posting.

I would like to contribute (“collective intelligence” and “theory of ethnography” might be something i could mainly work on).

The deadline is too close by for me… even for a short paper of 6 pages, unless we get all to a good point by the end of the month, i don’t know.

I’m definitely in

Adding @Jason_Vallet as well,

I would however focus on the data analysis part, stressing the “digital ethnographic” approach – I’d like to save the viz and task modeling part for a viz focused event.

We need to act fast, establish a plan of the paper.

Will be traveling most of May

Hi and thanks, unfortunately i am swamped these next weeks, so will have to pass.

I’m in!

Sounds really interesting. Happy to write the anthropological/digital ethnography side of things.

Sorry, I cannot, but …

Unfortunately, I can not participate this paper.

But I would be happy, and ready to restart the conversation on the paper in progress we started months ago and discussed in the Geneva meeting. Is anybody still interested?

If I remember well, @Amelia and @Noemi  kindly committed to work on a number of cases using the proposed matrix …

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