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Consent Form to participate in POPREBEL research project on platform:

On the Edgeryders online platform, we share “cutting edge” knowledge around various topics. Before you can write your first post, we want to make sure you understand how to use this space. If you have difficulties or questions or ideas to make these questions better, ask

The platform is used for research. Researchers are encouraged to treat what we post into it as a window into societal, economic, technological, and political trends and transformations that affect all of us. As you participate in these discussions, you might reveal where you stand with respect to important societal, economic and political issues.

  1. Knowing this:

    • I do not fear bad consequences when sharing with others my views and alignment on societal, economic, technological and political issues.
    • I worry about the risks involved in sharing my views and alignment online, where others (such as the government or my employer) could access them. Therefore, I protect my identity to a degree I think is adequate, for example posting under a pseudonym, using a fake e-mail address, using a VPN etc…
  2. This platform is only loosely moderated, to avoid harassment and exploitative behaviour, but to allow unconstrained conversation. Knowing this, I would:

    • Engage in a conversation about important issues in my country, and how it should be reflected by the government’s policies.