Participate in distributed (localized) economies

my answer :

by building on social capital, and distributed networks,

as to create local, resilient, economic systems which do not rely on the centralized capitalist systems.


I lived several years with little, or no money.

I do not compromise my inner motivation, and like to collaborate freely, without imposed patterns of behaviour

See :

It is not easy, as from my point of view,

the financial elites created a great system for themselves,

which swallows up all the money, and hoards it,

while leaving most of the people in a state of artificial scarcity,

and in a state of needing to continually pay to survive,

hence becoming slaves of the political conditions imposed by the elites who have access to larger amounts of credit , or have sufficient hoarded units.

Reducing the money supply is another great way of concentrating wealth into the hands of a small wealthy minority of the population, as it leads to bankruptcies and massive sales of property , making them cheaper to purchase for the small minority who still has access to money.


Also see relational dynamics :



Not only do you wear a name famous in literature, Divine Comédie, but you almost write in verse!

I think it is not easy for anyone.

If citizens from all over the world continue to oppose, continue to #occupy — a unified humanity — I believe that the day of the acquisitive, aggressive, artful, and ambitious types is almost done.

The sooner this is realized, the better for the safety of the race.

I haven’t found anything better to do, no better solution that to highlight these skills and values: ‘non violence, truthfulness, sweetness of tongue, absence of anger, tranquillity, refraining from malicious gossip, kindness to all creatures, nonattachment to the objects of senses, mildness, abstaining from iddle pursuits , sublimity, forgiveness, absence of malice and feeling of self-importance. These are the marks of one endowed with divine qualities.’ (Bhagava Gita 16:2 and 16:3).

When the leaders of Wallstreet and governments have these marks, then we will have a totally different world.

Apparently, the search for utopias and ideals of existence is an integral part of the human mind. (As you can see, it’s an integral part of mine!)

The progress made by mankind from the brute life of a primitive savage to the present state of luxury and comfort is the harvest of this urge. When there occurs a state of stagnation in any society, and when it continues to adhere fanatically to timeworn habits, customs, and ways of life that time has come to discard, it denotes an absence of the fire that must kindle to lift it up from the old position toward a new pattern of life more in harmony with its inner growth.

The present hopelessly tangled position of the world is a loud warning from nature that reform is needed at once.

The efforts made by stereotyped politicians, thinkers, and scholars imbued with ideas that have become outmoded now, with the advance made in science, instead of improving, are making the situation worse. Gopi Krisna, the first to describe the Kundalini process to Westerners, said: ‘As the position stands now, dimsighted politicians are placed at the head of mighty states that have the potential to destroy the world, and pygmies are put in control of gigantic power systems that need titans to handle them.’

Colorful Flowers - Lets Not be Fooled

I suggest us to learn together how to make colorful flower paper origami

or to find currently blossoming japanese cherry trees from which to pick flowers from,

and offer them to each other,

including to individuals working within the established institutions of control and speculation,

to police officers, to judges,

to bankers and realtors,

and to converge in our movements ( single ) mothers and fathers,

grandmothers and grandfathers,

homeless children and parents,

and ask them not to enforce on us

the greed for power of a minority,

not to enforce on us

artificial scarcity, and austerity,

not to enforce on us the costs of financial speculation

not to support through their use of force

artificially created poverty.

Lets ask them, with flowers.


Lets ask with flowers

to individuals working at the council of europe

to further pressure all neoliberal politicians

and remind them of the spirit of human rights

to remind them of their duties towards all the people

and not to enforce plans for austerity

which are but only a chosen political fiction

of a fictional abstract world of money as debt,

interests and credit peak,

leading to artificially created econoic crisis

leading to further concentration of powers

and to poverty required to increase the value

of the accumulated capital.

Lets remind everyone

that we need not play this game

that we can create a different game

which takes into account the real scarcities

while reopening the true abundances within and with each other.

Lets remind each other

of the role of the european institutions,

and more particularly the ones based in Brussels,

that we do not wish to loose our sovereignty as individuals

and do not wish to legitimize their power.

Lets remind them that we are aware we are not in a democracy

and that we will not be fooled

by their words.

That we can create alternatives

but do not wish to be oppressed

in the process of doing so

but instead wish to be supported

perhaps not institutionally

but by every individual

through more resilient

and more networked forms of organization.

We wish to remind them

not to support oppressive new regulations

not to take control on the internet

and to enable us to keep our privacies

as we do not wish

their stasi enforcement ( notorious east german secret police )

we do not wish the neoliberal systems of control

and we ask for the police, the secret informants,

and each individual in the establishment

to maintain and develop our shared awareness for mutual empowerment

and freedom from coercion

as of today

we are not in a democracy.

votes do not offer us choice

as choices are pre-determined.


I personally experienced a political party

and alternatives are scarce

at best sometimes can be pronounced

yet need to go through a whole party estabishment

as to actually be proposed

in a so called representative political system

which , as we know in belgium

is not any more representative,

and as we know in belgium,

is mainly required to manage changes towards neoliberal interests of a established elite


54 billion euros have been guaranteed ( 2/3 of belgian public budget )

in addition to many billions paid/lost to financial “markets”

by the belgian state

for only one bank

going bankrupt for the second time in 3 years

even at the time

where there was no government.

hence we have proof

that even decisions with long lasting effects on society

do not require our “representants”.

I repeat : we are not in a democracy.

let us not be fooled by the limited choice of our votes.

we are not in a democracy.

yet we can re-create democracy.

we are the people.


Let us not be fooled.

let us not use this platform to legitimize powers in place.

let us be a critic

and let us suggest institutions

to support us in our alternatives.

while, if it is markets one asks for,

at least enable truly free markets ,

not monopolistic systems ,

and not corporate sponsored politics.


There is no lack of work.

There is only a lack of political support.

This political support expresses itself and is controled through money.

Debt created money.

There is no limit on our capacity to create money

there is post-keynesian MMT

there is Japan with 270 percent national debt ( twice as much as Greece ).

All this is a neoliberal fairy tale

to impose austerity on us.

Let us not be fooled.

Let us use flowers

to remind each of us

of the world we wish to live in

and that we can live today

if we wish to.


We have the tools

we have the internet and new forms of technologies

to facilitate resource allocation

we can do this locally

and in a distributed approach

we can diversify our activities

and enable each of us to learn meaningfully based on our needs and intrinsic motivations.

This is the reality I choose for

beyond the ficition of artificial scarcity, speculation and austerity

Lets not be put in jail for wishing to experience our human rights and dignity with each other.


Also see Economist “Michael Hudson”

and “Les Economistes Atterres”

emergence : interacting in "3-4-5"th order cybernetic systems

beyond “limited vote”

3rd order :

4th order :


also see :

Origami flowers

Wow Dante! You are amazing.

With your suggestion of origami flowers

we will create gateways

that will hopefully open minds.

I agree with you,

there is only a lack of political support.

Merci de nous faire connaître “Les Économistes Atterrés”.

Pour ma part, je suis une militante opengov atterrée.

Atterrée par le manque de soutien politique.

Bring your origami paper in Strasbourg!

Euh, I’ll need to practice a bit until then…

I only know how to quill paper flowers.

(One of my quilled topiaries)

Continue to write in verse

You should publish a collection!

Mamading Ceesay’s great statement of his goals

@Evangineer once said

“Decentralized Networked Mutualism Embedded in Augmented Reality”

which is about the most impressive statement of goals imaginable in six words.

We need something like that for this vision of a new economy, something that short and powerful. It might even be that!